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10 Fun Things To Do After The Bar Exam

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The long-awaited bar exam has finally passed. There are no more MBE practice questions to answer. So, what do you do now?

Here are 10 fun things to do with all that new-found free time!


Catch Up on Old Hobbies

Now is the time to get back into your old hobbies! Perhaps you loved painting, playing an instrument, or working on writing a novel? No matter the hobby, now’s your chance to pick it back up!


Go On a Trip

Go someplace you’ve always wanted to visit! Not enough funds to afford a plane ticket? Go on a road trip with friends that you probably haven’t seen since bar prep began! Not only will this be a less expensive option, it will also give you the bonding time you missed out on!


Binge Watch all the Shows and Movies You’ve Missed

Studying for the bar certainly takes precedence over watching “The Office” for the second time through. Treat yourself and catch up on all those episodes of Westworld that came out while you were studying. Bonus: you can enjoy watching popular shows without having to wait for the next episodes to air! Caught up on all your favorite shows? Check out some new movies in theaters (We hear Incredibles 2 is pretty awesome!).


Take a Class Or Learn a New Skill

We’re sure you’ve thought to yourself at some point: “Wouldn’t it be cool if I knew how to {insert that thing you’ve always wanted to do}?” . You have time to sign up for that class now! This will not only be a fun use of your free time, but a great way to expand on your non-law related skills!


Plan a Party

Get together with some friends to eat, talk, and catch up (maybe swap some of those bar prep horror stories!). Already caught up with your friends? Throw a themed party to ensure there will never be a dull moment! Here’s a creative party theme idea: throw a Hawaiian party bash equipped with flower necklaces, umbrella drinks, and a limbo stick!


Plan Your Next Steps

Where would you like to see yourself in a year? What steps can you take now, to later ensure that you get there? What is your dream job? It’s never too soon to get your career goals on track!



Go Shopping

You made it to the bar exam, that should be justification enough for you to treat yourself to something you’ve wanted! If there has not been anything that particularly peeks your interest, consider shopping around a little and see if that changes. Even if you don’t find anything, it can be fun to just see what is new and available in stores!


Visit With Friends and Family

You may have fallen off the grid with family and friends since bar prep started. Now would be a great time to visit and catch up! You just accomplished something big in your life, find out what’s going on in theirs?


Go to a Concert or Festival

The summer is filled with concerts and festivals of every music style and genre imaginable. Trade studying several hours at your desk for some enjoyable music relaxation. Doesn’t that sound nice?! Better yet, many local concerts and festivals offer free admission! Check your local city or town’s website and see what is going on in your local community.


10 Go Fruit/Veggie Picking at a Local Farm

Hand-pick your favorite fruit/veggies to enjoy – or go on a hay ride! There is something so satisfying about picking your favorite produce yourself! Not only are they cheaper (and more delicious!) than the grocery store, this is also a fun activity to get you outside after months with your nose in a book/computer.

Happy relaxing from the AdaptiBar team!


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