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5 AdaptiBar Features You Didn’t Know Existed

5 AdaptiBar Features

If you’ve heard anything about AdaptiBar, you know that our central purpose is to help law students prepare for the MBE portion of the bar exam in the most efficient way possible. In fact, our team is so passionate about bar prep that we are always updating our questions, gathering feedback from users, and refining our adaptive technology to ensure that law students around the world feel more confident than ever in their bar prep.

No matter if you are a current user or simply wanting to learn more about AdaptiBar, there are several key features to our technology that you should know about. In order to maximize your online experience, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 program features in AdaptiBar that you didn’t know even existed (until now).

  1. When taking the bar exam on paper, most examinees enjoy crossing out the answers that they know to be wrong. One of the biggest critiques an online bar prep service receives is the inability to replicate this action on a computer or phone screen. However, did you know that you can “gray out” an answer choice while taking practice MBE questions in AdaptiBar just by clicking on it? Then, if you change your mind, don’t worry about the hassle of using an eraser. Simply click on the answer choice again to make it reappear.

  1. How have you been tracking your progress? The Subject Analysis report is a popular feature that allows examinees to customize the way they see and evaluate their individual performance. If you have been studying for an extended period of time, you may have noticed that your chart looks similar to a straight line covering the months you’ve used the program. However, if you change the report dates under “Custom” to a time frame of less than one full month, your accuracy will be broken down over a period of days instead of months. Ultimately, this allows you to track the specific progress you have made with your most recent studies. It can also be used as an accurate indicator of whether or not you are sufficiently completing your bar prep.

  1. Do you ever wish that you could start your program session completely over again? Or, are you dissatisfied with how your performance scores from an earlier date are impacting your current statistics in AdaptiBar? Instead of becoming discouraged, alter your settings to essentially restart AdaptiBar – without losing any data. Start by selecting “Default Dates” under “Settings”, then enter in today’s date under “View Specific Dates”. If at any time you decide that you would like incorporate your earlier statistics again, simply return to “Default Dates” and modify the start date listed.


  1. 3…2…1…Time’s up! Bar prep can be exhausting, and every second on the clock counts when you only have 1 minute and 48 seconds to answer each MBE question. To aid you as you practice, enable the option to use keyboard shortcuts under the “Settings” tab. Next, press the ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, or ‘D’ key on your keyboard to select your answer choice, then ‘Enter’ to submit. Other shortcut options include ‘P’ to Pass, ‘N’ to move on to the “Next Question”, and ‘S’ to “Stop For Now”. These shortcuts are available in both Practice Questions and Practice Exams mode.

You can also use shortcuts when using Smart Online Flashcards. Flip a card by hitting the ‘Enter’ key. If you correctly remember a term or question, press ‘C’ to mark the card as such. Similarly, ‘I’ will mark the card as incorrect. If you would like to save a card and “Flag” it for later, press ‘F’. Just as well, press ‘P’ to return to the previous flashcard, and ‘N’ to move forward.

  1. Do you travel a lot? Or just don’t feel like carrying your laptop around everywhere you go? Nobody does. AdaptiBar has an app so you can take your bar prep with you to any destination. It’s available on iOS and Android devices. The app includes everything that the desktop version of the AdaptiBar program has, which allows you to answer questions, watch videos, and work on flashcards all on the go.

In addition, watch all of your AdaptiBar video lectures right on your Apple TV. Look for AdaptiBar in the tvOS app store.

Have a favorite AdaptiBar feature we didn’t cover in this blog? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @AdaptiBar and we will be sure to cover it in a future post!

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