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5 Reasons Law Students and Lawyers Can Be Grateful This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is upon us. And, for many people, this is a time of reflection and giving thanks. But, for those of us in the legal profession, gratitude isn’t necessarily one of our strong suits. Turns out, we’re actually terrible at it.

A researcher who studies gratitude named Robert Emmons once reported that, when working with lawyers, “he had never encountered a bunch of people so resistant to gratitude, except perhaps for teenagers.”

In the spirit of cultivating new skills (ahem, a gratitude practice), we’re here to remind you of some ways you can be thankful as a member (or future member) of the legal profession this year:

You possess a certain level of brilliance.

 You can (humbly) acknowledge that in order to simply get into law school, eventually graduate, and one day, make it all the way to the bar exam, you must be intelligent. After all, without any smarts, you wouldn’t have been able to successfully navigate the LSAC website when trying to register for the LSAT.

You survived the LSAT.

Speaking of that dreaded law school entrance exam, three cheers for being DONE with the LSAT! You can thankfully check that milestone off the list!

This too shall pass.

Perhaps you’re in the throws of law school exam prep, studying for the next bar session, surfing job posting websites, or doing endless doc review for a big fat case. Whatever season you’re in, this too shall pass. Hold onto that truth; it may be something to appreciate many more times in the future.

You have (or will have) the power to help others.

People hire lawyers for many reasons, such as fighting a custody battle, facing a criminal charge, or dissolving a long-time business partnership. Someone might walk into your office one day, hat in hand, and ask you to help them during a time of great pain. And you will have the power to help them. That’s pretty cool, if you ask us.

It’s an honor to have a law license.

All lawyer jokes aside, attorneys are some of the most well-respected members of society. We bestow upon them the privilege of holding people’s lives in their hands. We believe their words, attributing authority and trust to them simply because of the letters “J.D.” after their name. That’s quite an honor.

 So, take a moment this Thanksgiving to remember that the legal profession, despite all its complication, is a pretty cool world to live in.

With gratitude,

The AdaptiBar Legal Team

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