800 New Flashcards Added

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800 New Flashcards Added

Are you struggling to memorize the elements of intentional interference with business relations, the exceptions to the exclusionary rule, or maybe the many deadlines of federal civil motion practice?

Well lucky for you, the AdaptiBar Flashcards have recently gone through another round of improvements. Our team has been hard at work to audit and improve our current flashcard content. As a result, you will continue to receive the best possible bar exam prep when studying with AdaptiBar.

AdaptiBar Flashcards

The number of individual flashcards in the program has increased from 1,400 to over 2,000! This increase in content guarantees every major concept tested on the MBE is thoroughly explained. Additionally, all existing flashcards have been audited to ensure accuracy in light of recent SCOTUS decisions.

AdaptiBar’s online flashcards combine the ease of paper flashcards with the best of modern technology to create an optimal studying experience. Designed by legal experts, these flashcards are a perfect study tool to master the black letter law for bar exam prep.

Each flashcard is narrowly focused and easy to review in rapid succession to best facilitate learning by repetition. Our simple and concise Q&A format makes complex concepts and black letter law principles manageable.

AdaptiBar flashcards are accessible on the go via the app and automatically sync across all your devices. Commuting on the train? Walking the dog? Take flashcards everywhere you go and fit periods of studying into your busy routine.

Online Flashcards are included with every enrollment in AdaptiBar MBE Simulator!


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