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AdaptiBar Answers your Frequently Asked Questions!

By April 3, 2018 September 11th, 2019 4 Comments

AdaptiBar’s Customer Support Team here! We strive every day to offer unparalleled service to our past, present, and future users. After getting together and discussing the questions we have recently been asked the most, we thought we would address a few of them for you here:

Does AdaptiBar use real MBE questions?

We do! AdaptiBar’s ever-growing database contains 1,743 licensed MBE questions used on past bar exams, including the newest batch of 210 questions released by the NCBE in December of 2017 (MBE Study Aid). Additionally, all of our questions come with detailed explanations for why each answer is correct or incorrect. Click here for a full breakdown of our questions by subject and subtopic.

How long will I have access to AdaptiBar?

You have the option to sit for the bar exam in February or July of each year. We provide access to the program depending on the bar exam in which you are sitting for. Each bar “session” begins on the first of the month immediately after the previous bar exam:

  • If you are sitting for the February bar: You will have access to the program from August 1st through February 28th.
  • If you are sitting for the July bar: You will have access to the program from March 1st through July 31st.

Want access to the program earlier than this period? There’s an early study option for that! At the time of enrollment, select the Early Study Option after choosing your bar exam date. For an additional $125*, you can have access to the program immediately without any interruption leading up to the bar exam!

*$125 will be added for each bar session that is in front of your bar session.

Do you have a suggested way to prepare with AdaptiBar?

Our suggested preparation method provides a general blueprint for how we intend the program to be used. We have also made a pretty cool video explaining our prep method for you visual learners out there.


What is an OPE?

The NCBE has released four sets of 100 questions known as Online Practice Exams (OPEs). These questions were released in sets of 100 to help you simulate an exam.

These questions are automatically available within the program, but to take these sets of questions as an exam, go to Practice –> Exams and then select the tab NCBE Practice Exams.

Many users like to exclude these questions when in Practice Questions mode so that when they are ready to begin simulating exams, those questions have not been presented yet. We have built that feature into our program, so when you are in Practice Questions mode, make sure Exclude OPE Questions is selected so you can reserve these questions for a simulated exam down the road.

Please Note: These four Online Practice Exams were released by the NCBE before Civil Procedure became a subject. Therefore, you will not see Civ Pro questions within these OPEs.

I do not have time to complete an exam. What should I do?

If you need to pause and come back to an exam at a later time, simply select Pause Exam underneath the question. Your exam will be saved under the tab Incomplete Exams for you to pick up where you left off!

I’d like to review questions that I have answered previously. Is there a way I can do this?

There is! You can review every question you have answered previously (along with their explanations!) at any time during your session under Performance –> Past Questions. For a complete walk through of how to use Past Questions, click here.

Can I print the questions?

Our program is based entirely online, both for your convenience and to ensure that every question that you answer (not to mention the time you took to answer it!) goes through our patented adaptive algorithm. While we understand that you may want to take a practice exam on paper to practice how it will be presented to you on the big day, we feel that the diagnostic tools and technology we offer far outweigh your ability to fill in a Scantron bubble (Fun Fact: We do allow you to answer questions via an online Scantron in Practice Exams mode!).

We do offer the ability to print questions that you have previously answered along with your answer and the explanation for you to review offline at any time. To download a PDF of any of your past questions, go to Performance –> Past Questions or click here for a complete walk through of how to use this feature.

If I have to use AdaptiBar again for a different bar exam, do I have to pay full price again?

No way! Whether you took the bar exam or not, did not pass the bar or need to take it again in another jurisdiction, we’ve got you covered! We are happy to offer return AdaptiBar users a deeply discounted re-enrollment rate of $245. In order to take advantage of this discount, simply log in to your account and select Buy Now on the Dashboard. The program will automatically offer you this discounted rate.

Did you purchase Video Lectures in a previous bar prep session? No need to buy them again! As soon as you re-enroll, you will have immediate access to those previously purchased videos. Flashcards are available whether you have an active session or not and are available to you for life.

As always, our Customer Support Team is available to answer your questions by phone Monday through Friday, 8am-8pm CST. Feel free to send us an email any time at or chat with us online at We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have to ensure you receive the best possible MBE prep support!

Happy studying!

Customer Support @ AdaptiBar

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