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AdaptiBar’s Newest Features

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To help kick off your MBE preparation, we have updated AdaptiBar MBE Simulator with new features to ensure we are continuously improving your bar exam prep experience. Take a closer look at these new features below, and we wish you the best of luck with your studies!

Scratch paper:

AdaptiBar MBE Simulator now offers the ability to take notes in a digital “scratch paper” format while answering any question in Practice Questions or Practice Exams mode. You will be able to jot down thoughts in real-time as you work toward the correct answer choice. Additionally, this feature helps to emulate exam-day conditions for those taking an online bar exam. This feature can be found by clicking on the new “notes” icon to the right-hand side of any practice question.

How does this feature help you?

  • Emulates online bar exam conditions for a consistent prep experience
  • Provides a convenient space to work through the question
  • Encourages organizing your thoughts to reduce mistakes

scratch paper adaptibar program



You can now take notes directly in the AdaptiBar program after answering any practice questions. You will also be able to access this feature in exam reports after completing a practice exam. All you have to do is click on the new “notes” icon to the right-hand side of a practice question. From there, you will be able to jot down any notes along with basic text editing. For your convenience, these notes will be saved to each question so they can be found again through performance reports.

How does this feature help you?

  • Helps you to identify and articulate why you are getting a question right/wrong
  • Provides a more efficient and seamless studying experience
  • Promotes attention to detail and boosts comprehension

AdaptiBar MBE Simulator Prep new features note taking

Question takeaways:

Similar to the new note-taking feature, you will now be able to identify key question takeaways after completing a practice question in the AdaptiBar MBE Simulator. This feature can be found in the same location as note-taking, to the right-hand side of practice questions. Specifically, you will have six key takeaways to choose from after completing a question and can select all that apply.

  1. Reading comprehension
  2. Memorization of the law
  3. Misunderstanding of issue law, or application
  4. I litigated the question
  5. I guessed
  6. Other (specify)

How does this feature help you?

  • Identify in real-time where you went wrong on a question
  • Recognize patterns in takeaways leading to incorrect answers
  • Know where to focus your efforts in order to improve your performance

Past question reports:

Past question reports have been refreshed to better match the style of current exam reports. For example, there are now new filtering and exporting options to help you customize the performance data to your individualized needs.

How does this feature help you?

  • More customized data to hone in on your specific needs
  • Easier navigation for more efficient data analysis
  • Consistency in reporting experiences across the program

AdaptiBar MBE Simulator Prep new features past question reports


We hope these new features continue to refine your bar exam prep experience with AdaptiBar MBE Simulator!

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