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Since 2003, AdaptiBar has been dedicated to adequately preparing students for the MBE portion of the bar exam. Rest assured, our mission isn’t changing. Ever. However, as AdaptiBar continues to grow and evolve, we have had the opportunity to expand our mission and help students prepare for the MBE more efficiently than ever before…in the classroom and beyond!

Since we receive so many inquiries from students about our various program options and how they can customize their use of AdaptiBar to coordinate with various study methods, we decided to let you in on how some of our partnership programs work! Take a look below to learn a bit more about them, and see how they can benefit you while studying for the bar exam.

Think of preparing for the bar exam like training for the Super Bowl. While practicing before the big game is undoubtedly key to individual success, a factor that is just as important is the training effectiveness of your coaches. If your coach doesn’t adequately prepare you for the Super Bowl and no improvements are made in your overall performance, it will be much more difficult for you to succeed on game day.

Your law school professors are your coaches. Of course you are sure to use other study methods that coach you throughout your bar prep, but your professors are purposefully there to guide you in your studies and boost your confidence before taking the exam.

When AdaptiBar partners with law schools, professors and students can come together as part of the same team efficiently working towards the same goal. Currently, dozens of law schools partner with AdaptiBar each year to help their students better prepare for the MBE! The process begins when law school professors and administrators reach out to us with the motive of helping their students study more efficiently. AdaptiBar approaches each partnership uniquely, and will work with your school to meet their individual needs. These partnerships may range from a simple discount just for your school, up to a partial or full subsidization of the program costs by your school. Your school can even work with AdaptiBar experts and consultants to learn how to set up the most effective program.

The goal is to arrange a customized program to bring AdaptiBar’s adaptive technology into the classroom. Through this option, professors can see the areas that their students are performing strongest and weakest in, so that they are able to refine their teaching to their students’ exact needs. For example, if a professor recognizes that a majority of the class is not sufficiently performing in Torts, the next class will most likely cover that subject more in-depth. Professors have even streamed AdaptiBar’s Video Lectures in class to deepen understanding in targeted areas of weakness.

Ultimately, an AdaptiBar and law school partnership makes preparing for the bar exam more enjoyable, more cost efficient, and much simpler because professors are able to prepare students for the bar exam based on their personalized study needs!

Let your school know they can partner with AdaptiBar! They can call 877-466-1250 or fill out this brief form.

Institutions aren’t the only ones who partner with AdaptiBar to help students prepare for the bar exam. Tutors and students both benefit from incorporating AdaptiBar into their study plan! AdaptiBar allows tutors to diagnose their students’ strengths and weaknesses, which in turn ensures that each student’s time (and money) can be used as efficiently as possible.

The tutor may also see subtopic knowledge insufficiencies or timing issues that the student is not able to see for him or herself. Therefore, a tutor can work with that student to customize their study plan, refine their performance, and manage their timing based on personalized results, tasks which could not be as easily or efficiently accomplished without AdaptiBar.

Working with a tutor and want to incorporate AdaptiBar? Have your tutor call 877-466-1250 or fill out this brief form

Interested in partnering with us? Call us at 877-466-1250 or send us an e-mail!

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