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Let’s cut right to the chase: many of us may be spending more time inside this summer. The good news is, if you planned to take the bar this July, you would have spent most of the summer indoors anyway! No one could have predicted the effects of COVID-19 on the world and the legal community, especially prospective attorneys who expected to take the bar exam, and whose plans have now changed.

With bar prep timelines extended for many and a limited range of options for places to enjoy the summer sun, we hope our recommended reading list can help make your summer more useful and relaxing.

The Winning Brief – You might have thought you learned how to write a brief in law school, but this book will help even the most loquacious attorney hone their arguments to be as effective in court as possible. With all the free time this summer, why not get a jump on legal writing?

Garner’s The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style – This book is a one-of-a-kind resource for all questions about legal style. Author Bryan A. Garner, who also authored The Winning Brief, is now the most frequently cited author in U.S. Supreme Court opinions.

The Power of Vulnerability – Yes, this is an audiobook, so we are fudging a little bit, but Brené Brown’s lecture on vulnerability and self-compassion is an excellent way to grow your own resilience this summer at home.

Law Jobs: The Complete Guide – Choosing a fitting legal career is an incredibly difficult decision for every law student, yet only a small number of law schools incorporate career-planning into their curriculums. This book seeks to fill that gap with authoritative research and comments from more than 150 lawyers who do the jobs.

The Legal Career: Knowing the Business, Thriving in Practice – An informative read for any law student or lawyer hoping to learn more about today’s legal landscape. This coursebook covers critical topics in the evolving legal profession.

The New Jim Crow – This invaluable tome provides a law professor’s incisive look into America’s justice system and shows how mass incarceration of people of color affects almost every part of our daily lives.

Leadership on the Federal Bench – Ever wonder what a federal judge does all day? Well, now you can hear it straight from the source!

Just Mercy – This powerful memoir by Bryan Stevenson, a renowned activist and attorney, tells the story of segregation and social justice from one man’s perspective.

One L – While you’re relaxing this summer, why not thumb through a memoir written by a Harvard law student and remember why you’re glad you finished law school in the first place? While this book is usually recommended to prospective law students, reading about 1L as you prepare to take the bar can be motivating as you can see how far you’ve come in your studies.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments! And stay tuned for future recommendations from our AdaptiBookClub!

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