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AdaptiBar MBE Simulator and Prep testimonial

A big part of life (and law school) is how we take on unplanned changes and rise to new challenges. For instance, Terri M., a February 2020 Texas bar exam passer, shared her unique story with us about how AdaptiBar helped her find success after over a decade hiatus from the legal world. We love to hear success stories from our users and want to help you create your own! Furthermore, we hope this AdaptiBar testimonial ensures you that you are in the best hands by using AdaptiBar to prepare for the MBE. This user has given us permission to share her story.


  • “I graduated from law school in 2005, from a 3/4 tier law school In California.
  • Transferred to that school after making law review at a school in Texas.
  • I was engaged, and I would be married the summer after 2L.
  • Everything was on track. I got married.
  • By the end of 3L, I was pregnant.
  • The plan was that I’d take the bar that summer.
  • Plans don’t always come together. Lots of stuff happened, and life carried me in directions I never imagined.”


“I didn’t take the bar that summer because I found my way to Nicaragua and buried myself in community development work for 15 years. I developed programs around giving opportunities instead of handouts. I changed the entire economy of a rural town. I was on cloud nine and never thought about practicing law. That was until the political crisis hit Nicaragua in 2016 and I realized things would be different for me and my life’s work.”

“I had to make a shift, a career change. I couldn’t spend the time needed there anymore, it wasn’t safe, tourism was dead, and funds for my work were drying up. So I put together a plan for my programs to continue on a smaller budget and curbed scaling the model I had come up with. I had to reinvent myself. It was devastating to say goodbye to my dreams and plans.”


“I decided to take my 15 years of experience and love for advocacy back home and take the bar exam even though I hadn’t thought about the law in over a decade. Deep breaths. I needed a plan. I bought the big box review because that’s what you do. Don’t do it. I figured out very early that there was way too much info. I needed to know what I needed to know. I didn’t have time to weed through it all and decide that for myself. I needed the info so I could memorize it and get it in my head and learn how to take the MBE.

I found AdaptiBar through an amazing advisor and coach I found to help me get a strategy. Strategy is everything. AdaptiBar was my coach’s suggestion for the MBE, and I’m glad I followed her advice. It’s a complete program.”


“Here’s what I did. I watched every video and hand wrote the outline on notebook paper, like I was back in class in 2002. Then I did a review subject by subject to relearn the law. I dedicated 1 subject a week, and I did questions at the end of each section of each subject. I filled in my hand written outline more. I looked up answers. I did questions on my phone, on an iPad and on my computer. It was so convenient. I didn’t waste my time typing in outlines. I flipped all the flash cards. I kept filling in my notebook to fully understand how each subsection of each subject was tested.

I was diligent and persistent. After I got a subject completed, I added it to my 30 mixed questions I did each day and kept filling out my notebook pages. The AdaptiBar program has all the tools you need to ACE the MBE. Attack it subject by subject and review mixed questions daily and keep a notebook for each subject and by subsection. It works. Listen to Jon on the videos, he will tell you what you need to know and follow the outlines.”


“I took the Texas Bar Exam Feb of 2020 as a practice test. I really thought I’d need 2 times to pass.  It had been 18 years since I read the definition of battery, I believed I needed time. My coach helped me with essay prep and MPT. I only used AdaptiBar for the MBE. I knew at the end of day 3 of the exam if I failed it was the MBE that took me down. I was never a strong multiple choice test taker. I rocked law school because I was a strong essay writer, and all exams were essays.

I was seriously worried about the MBE. I spent a lot of time working on it. I completed over 2000 questions. I had a binder filled with handwritten notebook pages. To my surprise, I passed with a solid score. I shut up and picked the correct answer because Jon gave me the info I needed to see it. I can’t thank AdaptiBar enough for the videos, outlines, flashcards, and amazing bank of searchable questions. One and Done!!”

“I would recommend AdaptiBar over and over again.”


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