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AdaptiBar Updates Subtopics

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Starting today, a few things may look different, but don’t worry, nothing is changing substantively! We have combined selected areas of study under Contracts and Torts to ensure that our outlines match those put out by the NCBE.

What has changed?

In our program, we based our subject matter outlines directly off of the same subject matter outlines posted by the NCBE. These are a guide as to what topics, subtopics, and areas of law will appear on the MBE, along with the proportions of how each subtopic will be tested. Periodically, these outlines need to be updated. We have made some changes to our list of subtopics to ensure it is in direct correlation with the NCBE. These changes will take place only within Contracts and Torts. We have combined smaller areas of study into their larger subtopic. You will notice these changes in the program wherever the subtopics are listed.

Within Contracts:

  • Consideration has been merged into Formation of Contracts.
  • Conditions, Impracticability and Frustration of Purpose, and Discharge of Contractual Duties have all been combined and merged into the subtopic of Performance, Breach, and Discharge.
  • Assignment of Rights and Delegation of Duties has been merged into Third-Party Rights.

Within Torts:

  • Strict Liability and Products Liability have been combined into one topic called Strict Liability and Products Liability.

Within the video lectures, we have also made two changes. Under Contracts, the Assignment of Rights and Delegation of Duties video has been combined with the Third-Party Rights video, and is called Third-Party Rights. Under Torts, the Strict Liability video and the Products Liability video have been combined into one video, and called Strict Liability and Products Liability.

Your Questions Answered

  • Has any material been added or subtracted from the program?

No material is being added or removed. For Contracts, the areas of studying that are being merged, have always been smaller areas of study on the outlines. They have been listed under the larger subtopic which they have now been merged into. For Torts as well, these two areas have always existed on their own, but now they have been combined into one subtopic. We have not taken away any questions, flashcards, or videos, nor have we added any new material based on these changes.

  • Has the NCBE changed the areas tested on the exam?

No. The topics, subtopics, and areas of study that will be tested on the actual MBE exam have not changed.

  • Has the distribution of how many questions will be asked from each area changed?

No. The distribution of questions on the exam has not changed either. The subtopics are still tested in the same proportions as they were before. These changes are happening only in AdaptiBar.

  • Why did we make these changes?

We made these changes so that our outline of subtopics directly matches the outline of subtopics put out by the NCBE. The subject matter outlines are a way to track what areas will be tested on the exam and in what proportion. Syncing our outline with the NCBE’s will make studying and evaluating progress within subtopic areas easier than ever.

  • How will these changes impact my existing statistics?

Don’t worry, none of your hard work will be lost. You will see changes in your statistics; however, these numbers will still be based on your same past performance. For example, your two statics for Strict Liability and Products Liability will now be combined into one number. This one number will be based on the questions you have already answered in both areas. You will not lose any data on questions you have already completed.

  • How will this affect my video lecture access?

No user will lose any video access. In fact, some users will be gaining increased access. If you had access to one of the videos that has been combined with another, you will now have access to both videos, with no extra cost. For example, if you had access to the Strict Liability video, but not the Products Liability video, you will now have access to the one new video with the material of both areas combined.

  • Will this affect Baby Bar users as well?

Yes. These changes will also impact Baby Bar users in all of the ways listed above.

Keep in mind, that these changes are minor, and they do not affect the substantive material in our program or the material that will be tested. They are just one small improvement to make studying more efficient. They should not change your study habits or strategy. Keep studying with AdaptiBar and build the confidence you need to know you’ll pass!


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