AdaptiBar in Action: Hear From Users of AdaptiBar

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We love hearing feedback on how you are using AdaptiBar and what you think about the program! Using your suggestions and comments helps us continue improving our program and allows us to ensure we are consistently delivering a great experience during your bar prep. 

“AdaptiBar is the Bomb. This is my third time using AdaptiBar and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I passed my first two bar exams with ease and AdaptiBar helped me get my timing perfect for the MBE. Thank you!”

Dillon H.

“AdaptiBar is a must-have for anyone studying for the bar exam. It provides questions very similar to those experienced on the MBE, and their explanations for why a certain answer is the correct answer is useful for the entire bar exam since you are learning the law while practicing for the multiple choice and the statistics they provide help you strengthen areas that you are weak in. AdaptiBar is the perfect and affordable solution for anyone looking to sharpen their skills on the MBE. Thanks to AdaptiBar, I was able to successfully pass the Ohio Bar Exam.”

Joe S.

“I just wanted to say that I am blown away by the shear power of AdaptiBar. I am taking the CA Bar exam this July, and I can’t imagine how I could get a handle on the MBE without it. Everybody taking the Bar seriously needs to consider supplementing their bar study program with your product.”

Brian D.B.

“I really appreciate your program, your courteousness and prompt attention when I had to call, and the opportunity you all have given me in hopes of passing the bar.”

Eric Y.

“I took the Texas bar exam a second time and used solely AdaptiBar for my MBE studying and this helped me increase my score all the way to what I needed to pass. The explanations for the questions and answers are detailed enough for you to be able to grasp the concept tested but not long enough to bog you down with too much information. There were questions on the bar that were very similar to Adaptibar questions both in topic, concept, and in formulation. I highly recommend Adaptibar to any first time bar takers or repeaters.”


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