AdaptiBar Writing Guide: Your Bar Exam Writing Confidence Boost

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AdaptiBar Writing guide
Writing for the MPT and MEE on the bar exam is different than any other type of legal writing you’ve done before. The good news? AdaptiBar Writing Guide was made just for bar exam writing. With real, released MPT and MEE questions, it uses a virtual, scaffolded approach to build your substantive knowledge while teaching you unique skills to get maximum points on the written portions of the bar exam.


Waste zero time, get maximum results.


At its core, Writing Guide is comprised of 180+ real, released Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) and Multistate Performance Test (MPT) questions licensed from the NCBE. You’ll always be working with material that most resembles the actual questions you’ll encounter on exam day. Additionally, Writing Guide gives you real-time performance statistics on your practice essays so you can refine and focus your study process on the subjects and topics you need help with most.


What makes Writing Guide unique?

Adaptive Algorithm

Each time you work with Writing Guide, you’ll select the “mode” you want to work: Guided Practice or Self-Directed. When you choose Guided Practice, you’re letting the AdaptiBar Writing Guide’s adaptive algorithm take the wheel. This is where the real magic begins. The Writing Guide’s adaptive algorithm makes sure you learn the law AND how to effectively apply it. It also focuses studies on your weaker spots that need the most help and prepares you for whatever may come on exam day.

The Rule Funnel™ Method

The ultimate bar writing “cheat sheet” is learning and using the exclusive Rule Funnel Method. When you select Rule Funnel while working an essay or performance test, you’ll learn how to strategically reverse engineer from the fact pattern to a passing response. The feature highlights the connection between the facts and the law. This allows you to visualize the relationship between the two so that you write stronger, more thorough responses on your bar exam.

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Exclusive Tutor Tips

While working each essay or performance test, you’ll drill down into the Writing Guide’s exclusive Tutor Tips. Careful planning, meaning, and purpose go into the bar exam questions drafted by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Every word choice, description, and detail provides you with clues to the right resolution. Tutor tips provide firsthand insight into how a legal expert would approach, break down, and analyze specific bar exam questions to quickly get to the “right” answer the examiners are seeking.

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We’re excited to support you in your bar prep journey by providing help just where you need it, when you need it. Enroll in AdaptiBar Writing Guide and boost your bar exam writing scores today!

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