Announcing New Video Lecture Outlines!

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Video lectures just got even better. AdaptiBar is excited to announce the release of our brand-new video lecture outlines! Each outline has been intentionally designed to follow along with its corresponding video lecture. They include all of the information from the note cards which appear on screen during the videos, and each page has allotted space for additional notes!

Excerpt from the Homicide Video Lecture.

The Video Lecture Outlines visually call attention to the black letter concepts, hypos, and definitions covered in the videos. Instead of spending valuable time pausing and rewinding lectures to copy everything the lecturer, Jonathan Grossman, says, that information will already be available on the outline! Users will be free to listen and write additional notes which will allow them to better retain the information.

A Definition from the Homicide Video Lecture.

Included in these outlines will also be helpful resources like charts, images, and AdaptiTips, which will not only make it easier to follow along with the video lectures, but it will also serve to further reinforce this information for students who are more visual learners!

A featured AdaptiTip from the Homicide Video Lecture.

Adding outlines will help users follow the videos and stay organized. By providing examples, hypos, and definitions, users will be to listen and learn more efficiently instead of rushing to writing everything down.

AdaptiBar’s video lecture outlines will be available through our web platform as downloadable PDFs, which should be printed out and filled in while watching the corresponding video lecture. Outlines are available for every video in the program, including Mastering the MBE. These are an exclusive feature, which will only be available to users who have purchased a video lecture upgrade. Users who have previously purchased video lectures will immediately gain access to the outlines! If you haven’t already, upgrade your AdaptiBar experience with Video Lectures today!

Sample Page 1 from the Homicide Video Lecture.

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