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Answering your Most-Commonly Asked AdaptiBar Questions

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Answering your Most-Commonly Asked AdaptiBar Questions

At AdaptiBar, we love talking to users and answering all of your questions. If it’s a question you’ve had, we believe others can benefit from the answer as well. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most-commonly asked AdaptiBar questions:

Who writes AdaptiBar’s exam questions?
Every question in the AdaptiBar program in the areas of Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts is written and licensed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), which is the organization that writes the questions that appear on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). The only simulated questions in AdaptiBar are those in Civil Procedure, the seventh subject first tested on the MBE in February 2015. Since so few Civil Procedure questions have appeared on the exam, there are a limited number of licensed questions are currently available.
Every question in AdaptiBar is accompanied by a detailed explanation written by legal experts for why options A, B, C, and D are correct or incorrect. Our full-time legal staff members are constantly reviewing the questions to make sure that they reflect the same form and content as the questions that you will see on the exam.

Can’t I purchase the questions from the NCBE on my own?
Yes, however, when you purchase questions directly from the NCBE, they don’t always come with explanations of correct and incorrect answers. You can practice with the questions, but if you get one wrong, you may have to figure out why on your own. Additionally, the NCBE only offers a few hundred licensed questions for purchase, while AdaptiBar has access to all 1,743.

They added Civil Procedure to the MBE, does AdaptiBar account for that?
Yes! We hired two of the nation’s leading Civ Pro professors to write 200 simulated questions. These questions are available in both Practice Questions mode and Practice Exams mode. We also use an additional 40 officially-licensed questions direct from the NCBE.

Are there outlines or books when I enroll?
No, AdaptiBar is entirely online! With AdaptiBar, you can study anytime, anywhere on a computer or mobile device. Plus, you can benefit from real-time performance feedback and program updates.
Furthermore, AdaptiBar is a supplemental program meant to be used in conjunction with a comprehensive course such as BarBri. Use the AdaptiBar program to diagnose your weak areas (i.e. Negligence) then refer to your comprehensive course outlines and lecture notes to study that specific area of law.

How do I access AdaptiBar?
After enrolling, you may log in at Click the Login button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. If you are on a mobile device, simply visit in your Internet browser. You must have an Internet connection to access the program.

I have a discount code, how can I apply it? Only one discount or referral code can be applied per new enrollment. You must enter the discount or referral code in the Discount Code field at the time of your enrollment – no exceptions. No discounts apply to re-enrollments or enhanced options: MBE flashcards and Online Video Lectures. If you had entered a code when registering for the free trial, it will automatically be applied when you enroll using the same email address. If you prefer to use an alternative code, delete the existing code and enter the code you’d like to use.

When does my AdaptiBar program session start? When will it expire? When you enroll, you select the program session corresponding with your bar exam date. The program access periods appear in the charts below.

MBE Exam Date:



Program Access Period:

March 1 through July 31

August 1 through February 28


FYLSE Exam Date:



Program Access Period:

November 1 through June 30

July 1 through October 31

I’m a previous user of AdaptiBar, do I get a discount if I purchase a new session?
Yes, previous AdaptiBar users may enroll in another session for the reduced rate of only $245. To re-enroll, simply log in using your previous account information and click the “Buy Now” button. No discount or referral codes apply to re-enrollments.

Are AdaptiBar’s Smart Online Flashcards included in my enrollment?
No, the Smart Online Flashcards are an optional upgrade that you can add to your account at any time. For just $95 you get 12 months of access to over 1,000 online flashcards that provide an additional, substantive review of all seven MBE subjects.

Are video lectures included with the program?
The video lectures are not included with the program but can be purchased for an additional cost. AdaptiBar lectures can be purchased by the bundle, a package that includes all seven MBE subjects, or individually be subject or subtopic. Visit AdaptiBar’s video lectures page for complete pricing. Users can upgrade to add video lectures at any time during their session.

Do you have a referral program?
Yes, current and previous AdaptiBar users may log in to their account and send out a referral code for $30 off the MBE Simulator and Prep program! If you have 3-users sign up using your referral code and you will receive a free set of our Smar Online Flashcards – a $95 value!

Does AdaptiBar have an app?
Yes, the AdaptiBar app is available for download on iOS or Android devices. In addition, it is now available on tvOS.

I have to take the Baby Bar (or First Year Law Student Exam – FYLSE), can AdaptiBar prepare me for that?
Yes, AdaptiBar offers a Baby Bar program to prepare you for the MBE portion of the exam. The Baby Bar program offers all of the great features that AdaptiBar is known for, the only differences are that the Baby Bar program concentrates on the 3 MBE subjects you’ll be tested on (Contracts, Criminal Law and Torts), and the NCBE Online Practice Exams are not included. To learn more about the Baby Bar program, visit AdapitBar’s website.

Have a question that you don’t see the answer to? Want to learn more about AdaptiBar? Visit the FAQ page on the AdaptiBar website or call us at 877-466-1250.

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