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Can AdaptiBar Boost Your Essay Scores? Read John’s Story.

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Can AdaptiBar Boost Your Essay Scores? Read John’s Story.

AdaptiBar is known for its licensed questions and adaptive technology that helps students all over the world prepare for and pass the MBE. Read and learn from AdaptiBar user John’s bar exam success story below:

“The words ‘thank you’ doesn’t cut it. I would have never, ever felt as confident as I did walking into the February Maryland Bar Exam had I not followed your approach. The first time I took the bar exam, I used one of the traditional ‘nationally recognized’ courses to prepare for the MBE and essay portion of the Maryland Bar Exam. Going into the test, I knew nearly half of the amount of the rules of law I needed for the MBE portion… and it showed on results day, having scored nearly 40 points below a passing score, a 98 on the MBE, and a below average score on the essay portion.
Before continuing, I need to give a kudos to my mom, Barbara. She found you with a quick Google search and urged me to watch one of your MBE videos on AdaptiBar. I recognized the value after just one video and asked my mom to purchase the whole video package. From the first day I watched your videos and followed your methodology, I never looked back. Thanks to you, I knew the rules of law cold, as you preached in your videos, when I stepped foot into the test center that for the first day of the February exam. I was confident in my knowledge of the law to aggressively attack the test, and when I saw the answer I knew was right I told myself, “Nothing further is needed… SHUT UP AND PICK IT!”
I won’t forget Results day for the rest of my life. I went outside my office, checked my phone, saw my seat number with the PASS next to it and nearly got arrested because police officers were unsure of my loud screaming and yelling with joy and triumph in my law firm building’s parking lot. I passed the bar exam this time by nearly 40 points above a ‘passing score’ in Maryland, increased my MBE score by 30 points, and increased my overall essay score by 16 points. I do want to add your approach helped me dramatically for the MBE AND the Essay Portion. 7 out of the 10 essays tested on the Maryland Bar Exam were MBE subjects!
I can’t explain in words how much your approach helped me to attack this test—a test that I never thought I would be prepared for after the first failure. ‘Thank you’ won’t cut it either but I’ll end with this. A friend of mine who just graduated is (naturally like all law school graduates) very nervous for the MBE portion of the Bar Exam specifically. My advice to him was, “Learn the Rules of Law tested on the MBE cold and for each question, you will see the correct answer quickly and when you do SHUT UP AND PICK IT!”


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