Your Guide to Being a Virtual Law Student: Mindset Edition

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The first concept taught in law schools is pretty simple: “Think like a lawyer.” This axiom, repeated breathlessly by professors and administrators alike, appears self-explanatory at first glance. Anyone can think like a lawyer! That just means being tenacious and argumentative, right? Of course, like most aspects of law school, “thinking like a lawyer” is…

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Your Guide to Being a Virtual Law Student: Remote Learning Edition

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We’re now several weeks in to our “new normal.” The world is trying to find ways to cope in the midst of a pandemic, and legal education is no exception. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future, but in the meantime, we can and should keep learning. Society needs good legal professionals, and AdaptiBar is here to help you get there, even if all you have is the screen in front of you.  …

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