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Mental Health Resources for Law Students and Lawyers

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It’s no secret that people who enter the legal profession, starting with first-year law students, are at a higher risk than the general population for mental health struggles. This can manifest in many ways, including depression and anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, and more.  In 2016, the American Bar Association (ABA) joined forces with the Hazelden Betty…

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How to Block Out Negative Chatter Around Bar Prep

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As you prepare for the bar, you’ll likely encounter other exam takers with a variety of different personalities. They may include (but are not limited to) the super anxious panickers, the overly cocky gunners, and the perfectionistic robots.  Many of these people will also TALK. You might hear things in the bathroom while washing your hands, waiting for the elevator to stop on your floor, or scrolling through social media before you fall asleep. And people will say the darndest things.  “The February exam is going to be so much harder than…

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