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Common Misconceptions About Licensed Questions

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We know there can be a fair amount of conflicting information thrown around by friends, professors, and companies regarding bar prep. We’re here to lay to rest some of our favorite misguided questions and claims about using licensed MBE questions, once and for all!

“Are these the questions that I will see on the actual bar exam?”

No company is given the questions that you will actually see on the bar exam ahead of time (You aren’t even allowed to bring your own pencil into the examination room, you certainly won’t be seeing the actual questions ahead of time!). However, companies do have the opportunity to acquire real questions used on past bar exams from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). AdaptiBar’s database contains nearly all released questions and acquires new questions as soon as the NCBE releases them.

“But some of these questions are old and outdated. How useful could they possibly be for me?”

No one at AdaptiBar would be able to sleep at night if we let you study with an unaltered question from 1993. AdaptiBar has spent the past 15 years continuously maintaining all the questions to ensure they are the most accurate representation of what you will see when you take the bar exam. This includes changes in the law as well as the length and format of present-day questions, all executed without diminishing the voice of the original author.

Since most of the licensed questions do not come with written explanations, our legal team is not only perfecting updates to questions’ form and content; they are writing and constantly refining explanations as well. Our explanations have been crafted based on the feedback of tens of thousands of users. These explanations most accurately reflect how students think about and process the questions, and we are continuously refining the knowledge shared through our users.

“I heard these licensed questions were retired because they were inherently flawed.”

The NCBE wants the questions they release to be representative of what students will see on the exam just as much as we do. That being said, even if one of these retired questions contains confusing language or contradictory statements, the authors of the MBE write questions in a particular way, looking for a specific answer. You will inevitably experience at least a few moments of confusion with questions that appear flawed when you sit for your intended exam. Exposing yourself to the kinds of questions they are going to ask, and the way in which they ask them gives you the invaluable advantage of insight into how they want them to be answered. This insight will help you confidently navigate those imperfect questions.

“Other companies say they have licensed questions too. What does AdaptiBar offer me that other companies can’t?”

Reliable material and reliable diagnostics which create confident test-takers. This is why 1 out of every 5 test takers study with AdaptiBar. We’re continually maintaining our database and making changes that are immediately accessible to you.

Our simple, user-friendly approach to MBE prep fuses with a team who understands that content changes, as well as how students think, study, and retain information. AdaptiBar’s support and legal teams genuinely want to engage with users in order to discover ways to update and enhance each feature of the program to meet their needs.

Access to reliable material, an accurate diagnosis and patented test preparation technology creates a more confident and successful test taker.

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