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Congrats, You Finished the Bar Exam! Now What?

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Congrats, You Finished the Bar Exam! Now What?

You finished the bar exam! Congratulations, that’s a major accomplishment! Now that the exam and the preparation is over, what should you do next? A lot of bar examinees struggle with this so we decided to provide some tips.
Relish your free time.
Studying for the bar exam is a full time job in itself, you spend hours and hours answering practice questions, watching lectures and reviewing outlines. Now that your studies are over, use the extra time to decompress.
More than likely, you were wound up and stressed prior to test day, which is normal. You need to take time to relax. Not only do you deserve it, but your body and mind needs it.
Distract yourself from the exam.
You will receive your scores in due time but, while you’re waiting, try not to worry about your results. Obviously this is easier said than done, but it is important. Worrying does nothing but cause added stress and you have been stressed enough the past few weeks.
Put your lecture notes away, try to avoid obsessing over the exam with other examinees and focus your energy on something more productive.
To help distract your mind, try to spend time doing things you enjoy. Rekindle your love for an old hobby, take a vacation, spend time with your family and friends, hit the gym or just relax with a book.
Look for a job.
If you’re lucky enough to have employment lined up then that’s wonderful! If not, use this post-exam time to focus on finding your next career. Even as you’re waiting for your score to come in, there are things you can do to get ready. Look for jobs online, network with others in your industry, or visit your school’s career services office. Spend your extra time talking to everyone you possibly can and become a familiar face.
Take time to reflect.
You put in hours, weeks, even months of studying for one of the most difficult exams on earth. Now that the exam is over, take time to reflect on your accomplishment.
Also think about those people that were there for you throughout this process. More than likely, you had some help along the way. Take a minute to thank those professors, friends, loved ones, tutors and others that helped you get to this point.
Ultimately, you made it through an extremely difficult exam. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back and don’t worry about the future (your score) until it’s your present.

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