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Customer Testimonial: How AdaptiBar Worked for Me

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Customer Testimonial: How AdaptiBar Worked for Me

At AdaptiBar, we love hearing your feedback – whether it’s about our MBE Simulator, Video Lectures or a favorite program feature that’s particularly helpful. Amanda sent in a testimonial to tell us how AdaptiBar helped her prepare for and pass the MBE portion of the bar exam. See her comments below.

“AdaptiBar is a great program for studying for the bar exam. I use it and would recommend it to anybody.
The lectures are short, to the point and get you exactly what you need without a lot of the fluff. The lecturer [Professor and MBE expert] [Jonathan] Grossman is very good. He’s very concise and teaches you tricks for the MBE portion of the bar exam during his lectures.
The diagnostic tools that AdaptiBar uses helped me to understand where I was going in studying and where I needed to be. The scores that I was getting on the practice exam mimicked the score that I got on the bar exam.
I went into that exam with a lot of confidence and knowledge. I knew that was going to come at me and that I was prepared because of AdaptiBar.”   – Amanda, Florida Bar Examinee

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