February 2018 Testimonials

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AdaptiBar testimonial

We receive emails every week from our users that passed the MBE with AdaptiBar, many of whom have tried multiple times before finally passing with our program. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite testimonials from recent weeks in hopes that you will be able to relate to one or more of these stories and see how AdaptiBar can help you too.

Taryn – February 2018, North Carolina

I used AdaptiBar to study for the NC bar exam and I am happy to say that I passed! In addition to the practice questions, I purchased the videos and flashcards and used all three. AdaptiBar offers some great resources. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of them. You will get out what you put in. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to be successful on the MBE. Thank you AdaptiBar.

Jennifer – February 2018, Florida

I cannot say enough good things about this program! I took February 2018 Florida Bar Exam and passed on my first go around. I worked through most of the questions on this program and found the AdaptiBar questions to be on par with what was on the exam itself. My commercial bar prep program used very difficult practice questions that discouraged me a lot. I was killing it on AdaptiBar and obviously, it worked since I passed! Put the time in using this program and you will not be disappointed! I went into MBE day feeling confident and not surprised by what I encountered on the exam at all. The program tracks where your strengths are and what you are weak in so you can tweak your studying as needed. I loved the explanations for the answers for when you got questions right and wrong. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thank you AdaptiBar!!!

Avraham – February 2018, New York

I am so happy I used AdaptiBar to prepare for the February 2018 Bar Exam. I failed the July 2017 UBE. My MBE score was 128 and the written score was 129. I improved my MBE score to 149.3, yes, that is more than a 21 point difference using AdaptiBar! AdaptiBar helps you manage your time and tells you your average score as well as everyone else using AdaptiBar. AdaptiBar is a great supplement to any bar review course! I highly recommend it!

Michelle – February 2018, Texas

I took the February 2018 Bar exam and many questions were verbatim from AdaptiBar questions or were so similarly worded that I felt I had a tremendous advantage. I did take another bar review course that was thousands of dollars; however, given the extremely reasonable price, value, and applicability, AdaptiBar can’t be beat!!!

Paul – February 2018 Utah

I wanted to let you know that, thanks to you, I killed the 2018 UBE I took in February in Utah. I have taken 2 other bar exams in the past (not UBE ones), but paid a lot of money to other bar prep courses, for ok results, but a lot of wasted time and money. This time, I went with your program because I loved the format, and I also wanted to focus exclusively on the MBE portion. Your format was great, and it worked as advertised! I got a scaled MBE score of 158.8 and a total score of 306 (passing is 270)! This is fantastic because now I can port my score over to a couple of other jurisdictions because I did so well. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your bar prep and that I would recommend you to anyone wanting a leg up on the competition. Great work!

Still not convinced AdaptiBar can help you pass the MBE? Take the program for a free test drive and see for yourself all of the great features AdaptiBar has to offer!

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