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Write for the Bar – Guidance of a Tutor at an Accessible Price!

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Write for the Bar – Guidance of a Tutor at an Accessible Price!

Write for the Bar is an adaptive learning environment designed specifically for the written portion of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). This platform was created with the intent to make the high-quality guidance of a private tutor accessible.

At an affordable price point, Write for the Bar does not come with one-on-one tutoring. However, the Guided Tour, Tutor Tips, and Rule Funnel™ Method make this guidance available to you through self-study.

The Guided Tour — Adaptable Content

A private tutor should scaffold your study plan based on the premise of spaced repetition: to memorize a concept for the long term, one might review the material at varying intervals of repetitive study with meaningful delays in between. The Guided Tour eliminates the guesswork in doing this yourself and instead automatically and meaningfully toggles you between the subjects in study, in review, and in practice.

This dynamic and adaptive learning environment helps you focus on the areas you need the most help on while displaying essays, flashcards, and other study essentials fit for your specific needs. This will allow you to study smarter and more efficiently.

Tutor Tips – Discover How a Legal Expert Breaks Down the Bar Exam Essays and Performance Tests

Write for the Bar’s Tutor Tips provide insight into how a legal expert or private tutor would approach, break down, and analyze bar exam questions. Laden with law and test-taking strategy, Tutor Tips help you learn how complex legal issues are frequently tested and how factual details help you recognize issues and rules. That recognition cognitively triggers recall and leads us to the correct answer. With Tutor Tips in mind, you’ll hit all the issues and score all the points on exam day.

Read the Facts with Strategy and Purpose

Careful planning, meaning, and purpose go into the bar exam questions drafted by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Every word choice, description, and detail provides you with clues to the right resolution. If you know how to critically read and analyze these questions, parsing out the facts as you go, you’ll quickly discover the right answer has been there all along. Knowing this is a game-changer, but getting there can be tricky. That’s where Tutor Tips can help. Before you know it, these Tutor Tips will be second-nature, giving you the extra edge you need to make the grade.

The Rule Funnel™ Method – Make the Connection between the Facts and the Law

Maximize Your Written Response Points

When you go into the bar exam, the examiners are intentionally giving you facts that help you uncover issues and rules as they relate to the questions being asked. That’s why our RULE FUNNEL™ method teaches you to make meaningful and intelligent connections between what you are asked, the facts that are presented, and the law. You’ll learn how to create a handy “cheat sheet” that helps you approach writing your bar exam essay response with a new perspective, ensuring that you maximize points in the process.

Hit On All of the Issues and Draft a Thorough Response

Our RULE FUNNEL™ feature is a visual study method that allows you to see the relationship between the facts and the law. This will enable you to hit all of the pertinent issues and better organize your ideas before putting pen to paper during the exam.

Why the Rule Funnel™?

Most students wonder how to score more points on bar exam essays. Well, the RULE FUNNEL method reveals just how to do it. Here at Write for the Bar, we encourage students to start general and get specific as they craft their answers. Using the RULE FUNNEL method, we will help you identify general statements of law and highlight the specifics, and then our Sample Answers piece it all together to show you a more thorough written response.

Digital Grading Rubrics – Instant Feedback

With scoring rubrics based on the real exam’s grading process, you won’t have to wait to see how you performed. Self-grade your essay using our trusted rubric and know instantly which steps you can take to improve your score.

We’re excited for you to start learning and practicing. We look forward to seeing your progress! Day One Starts today. Enroll Now!

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