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Your Guide to Being a Virtual Law Student: Tech Edition

Transitioning to being a virtual law student is difficult. Being at home comes with more distractions than the classrooms you are used to learning in. This can be a challenge when it comes to getting work done. We want to help you stay productive and organized during this time of transition by providing some tech resources you can take advantage of.

This list is by no means exhaustive as there are a lot of online programs out there designed to help you get your work done efficiently. We compiled some of the AdaptiBar team’s favorite tech programs below to help you explore your options. We know this “new normal” is hard to adjust to, but we are here to help you find success.


Trello is a great tool for organizing your work. The aesthetically pleasing design allows you to visualize everything you need to get done and organize it in a way that best works for you. The program is based around creating “cards” for different tasks you need to complete. These cards can then be moved around to different lists such as “In progress,” “To be reviewed,” or “Done.”

You can add notes, files, highlights, due dates, and more to each card. You can even share your Trello cards with other people to streamline collaboration and group work. Trello is a great way to keep yourself organized while also providing visualization of the progress you are making. 


We’re sure a lot of you are already using Zoom for your online classes or group collaboration, but if you aren’t you definitely need to check it out. This platform is easy to use for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars. You can also record sessions and annotate on one another’s screens. Zoom is available on most devices so you can access it from anywhere. 

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a great tool for students who like to work across multiple different devices. This cloud system synchronizes your notes across all of your devices in real time. You can take notes on your computer and pull them up on your phone later when you want a quick review while laying in bed. This saves you the time and headache of having to transfer notes across your devices. The software is free for Microsoft users. 


Momentum is a free Google Chrome extension designed to balance productivity while also making work more enjoyable. This extension will generate a different beautiful image accompanied with an inspiring quote every time you open a new tab. This is a great way to give yourself an extra mental boost throughout the day. Unfortunately, this extension is only available on Google Chrome. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free courses on a huge variety of topics ranging from preschool math, art history, or macroeconomics. They are a great resource for quick and easy learning for both children and adults, but they do not offer much in the way of law school teaching or coursework. Khan Academy is a place to go when you are trying to expand your skillset and get an introductory look at a wide variety of topics. Use some of your extra free time to learn a new skill! It is always good to broaden your abilities. 


Forest is a mobile app that is great for self accountability. They also offer a Google Chrome extension. The idea is you open the app as you start to work and then you don’t interact with your phone while you are working. You tell the app which sites you would like to “blacklist” and as long as you don’t visit those sites then your tree will continue to grow until it becomes a forest. If you pick your phone up and navigate to any of the blacklisted sites, the tree will stop growing.

You want to let that tree grow as much as possible which means you need to stay focused on your work and not be distracted by your phone! This is a fun way to visualize your productivity and hold yourself accountable for getting distracted. You also have the option to spend virtual coins earned through the app to help plant real trees in the world through the organization Trees for the Future.

As we said earlier, there are a lot of online programs designed to help you stay productive and organized. We encourage you to explore these options and be open to trying new things during this time. It can be stressful adjusting to a new way of doing things, but it is important to use the resources available to you to find some stability.

We will be continuing this series in the coming weeks in order to help you be the best virtual law student you can be. We wish you all the best as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times. 


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