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Your Health and Wellness During COVID-19

Here at AdaptiBar, we value the health and wellness of our community greatly. As COVID-19 continues to impact and change our lives, we want to remind you how important it is to take care of yourself. We know that many law schools across the nation are closing or going online only. This interrupts your usual routines and can make it difficult to practice good habits.

The AdaptiBar Team wants to send you some positivity during this time. We are all in this together and it is important that we all take steps to ensure the health and well-being of those around us. In addition to extra hand washing, avoiding crowds, and heeding advice from the CDC, there are many ways to practice personal wellness during this time. Some of these include getting lots of rest, drinking extra water, reducing stress, eating healthy, and increasing your intake of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

If you are one of the many people who is now working from home (as the AdaptiBar Team is) or you are now attending class online, here are some tips to help you stay healthy and productive:

  • Location – Find a dedicated and comfortable place to get your work done. Don’t work in the same place that you relax as this can make it difficult to “leave work” once you are off the clock.
  • Buddy up – Isolation quickly leads to feelings of loneliness. Find a colleague or fellow student going through a similar experience and hop on a video call to get some social interaction.
  • Reach out – Don’t be afraid to over communicate with people. This will help you to stay connected instead of feeling like you are going through this alone.
  • Have a plan – Structure your daily schedule like you would during a normal day in the office or in school. A lack of structure will make it hard to stay productive.
  • Finally, be patient – We are all dealing with this new reality we are in. Don’t let these unique circumstances have a negative affect on your attitude. Control what you can in your immediate surroundings and set yourself up for success by maintaining your health and wellness.

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We wish you and your loved ones all the best. Please take care of yourself.


The AdaptiBar Team


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