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Help! My MBE Score Isn’t Improving.

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Help! My MBE Score Isn’t Improving.

You’ve been preparing for weeks, maybe months. But no matter how hard you study, your practice MBE score just isn’t getting any higher. Does this sound like you?
Rest assured, you are not alone.
In fact, many upcoming bar examinees feel like they hit a wall at some point and that their study techniques aren’t making the cut. But this doesn’t mean that your score won’t change! In fact, it’s possible that the only thing keeping you from a higher MBE score is the way you’re using AdaptiBar.
What do we mean by this? As you can see in the AdaptiBar Preparation Method, you should be breaking your studies up into stages of 350 questions. From there, you can track your progress between each stage in the Past Performance Table, a critical tool for analyzing increases and decreases your subject and subtopic strengths and weaknesses. See the graphic below for a simplified step-by-step guide to maximizing your MBE study experience.
Study with AdaptiBar
It is possible to see decreases in MBE accuracy rates between Stage 1 and Stage 2 in the Past Performance Table once you begin maximizing your AdaptiBar experience. This may cause your practice MBE score to slightly decrease as well. However, it is important to note that a decline early on is not necessarily an indication that your study techniques aren’t working, but rather a verification that AdaptiBar’s adaptive technology is working! Practice Questions mode is designed to target your weaknesses (without neglecting an area of strength). Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a drop in accuracy early on in the program because you are still in the beginning stages of studying and consistently answering questions in your weakest areas.
Don’t get discouraged. Instead, use the Past Performance Table constructively to identify which areas you are performing weakest in. If your accuracy rates have decreased between stages for any of the subjects or subtopics, they will be marked in red. Review these areas thoroughly in your comprehensive course outlines before beginning Stage 3. This is the most efficient way to study for the MBE. Use the program as a diagnostic tool to assess your performance and determine which areas of law you need to spend additional time reviewing.
You can also increase your MBE Scores by reviewing Past Questions reports. Under Performance, simply click on ‘Past Questions’ to create a customized list of questions that you previously answered in AdaptiBar. You should also select ‘Incorrect’ under the ‘Show Questions I Answered’ option. That way, you aren’t reviewing information that you already knew, but rather focusing on content that, at some point, you did not know the answer to. Thoroughly read through the answer explanations.
Are your accuracy rates in your comprehensive course significantly higher or lower than your accuracy rates in AdaptiBar? Perhaps the material you are reviewing in your comprehensive course indicates that you will score much differently on the MBE than AdaptiBar predicts. Simply put, AdaptiBar is the better indicator of where you stand, as the program is designed to give you an accurate prediction of how you will score on the actual MBE. This is why if you’re looking to boost your MBE score, it is important to solely answer practice questions in AdaptiBar. Don’t waste your time with simulated questions when you could practice with licensed National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) questions from past exams.
Ultimately, it is important to trust the AdaptiBar program. Generally speaking, AdaptiBar recommends answering at minimum of 1,300 questions throughout your program session and achieving an overall accuracy rate of at least 70% to be in a good position going into the exam. If you aren’t seeing the scores you want, continue following the recommended preparation method, studying your outlines in your weakest subjects and subtopics, and only answering questions in AdaptiBar in Practice Questions mode. We guarantee that this will not only boost your MBE score, but help you pass the bar exam.

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