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12 Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Law Student in Your Life

By December 16, 2019 2 Comments

The holiday season is upon us and whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or maybe even Festivus (don’t forget your aluminum pole), there’s a good chance you may have a law student on your holiday gift list somewhere.

If you’re one of those people who has a stressed-out law student on your shopping list, perhaps you haven’t seen them much lately because they’re up to their ears in textbooks and outlines. Chances are, many of these fatigued folks could still make it to this year’s holiday gift exchange, even if they are sleep-deprived within an inch of their lives.

AdaptiBar is here to offer 12 great gift ideas that will brighten the mood of even the most exhausted law student this holiday season!

  1. Book Stand

Law students spend countless hours glancing back and forth between oversized textbooks and computer screens, feverishly typing out rule statements and case citations. Trust us, it makes a world of difference when that monstrous book is elevated in front of them instead of lying flat on the desk. With a book stand, they can easily look at either one without straining their necks and backs.

  1. Rolling Briefcase

Most law students will develop some sort of back pain, whether mild or severe, if they keep lugging around those heavyweight books, laptops, study aids, case files, chargers, filled water bottles, and maybe even a new book stand! A rolling briefcase is a simple way to prevent the gamut of injuries that people experience from being too proud to get a set of wheels for their backpack.

  1. Portable Book Light

While we at AdaptiBar advocate for taking frequent study breaks, sometimes you just have to keep going, even in the dark after everyone else is deep in REM sleep. A book light will help illuminate whatever they’re reading without greatly disturbing roommates, partners, or snoozing pets.

  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Studying anywhere—coffee shops, libraries, or even park benches—can come with a lot of distractions. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones can create a private, silent world for a law student to disappear into their studies. Or, they can use them to blast whatever tunes they desire if it helps to keep them focused. Whatever their intended use, these will go a long way.

  1. Starbucks Gift Cards

For most law students, coffee is a vital source of energy. So, what a better way to say “I care about you” than to give them a gift card to Starbucks? You may wonder, why not a gift card to just any coffee shop? We suggest a Starbucks gift card because, even if the student is stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a civil procedure textbook and some free time, the coffee shop most likely to be nearby is this massive conglomerate because let’s face it, Starbucks is pretty much everywhere.

  1. A Lap Desk

Much like the book light, a lap desk will allow a law student to move into a more comfortable place as they keep up their study game. It provides a mini hard surface to type, read, and highlight anywhere they please. It might even incentivize them to sit next to you on the couch while you watch Netflix!

  1. Travel Extension Cords

Studying in public places offers a change of scenery and, you guessed it, unlimited access to coffee. But one problem that is often overlooked when setting up shop at their favorite coffee spot is that the outlets may be out of reach. Maybe there is a perfectly plush seat near the window at Argo Tea but there is no outlet in sight. Well, now they won’t have to worry because you can give them a travel extension cord to empower them to sit wherever they please!

  1. Coffee Mugs That Won’t Spill and Keeps It Hot

Coffee, coffee, coffee. We know we sound like a broken record, but it truly is that important. Think about getting them one of these popular travel mugs that can jostle around inside their (rolling!) backpack and never spill, while ensuring that the java remains steamy and delicious.

  1. A Personalized Portfolio

During on-campus interviews, actual job interviews, and any other type of official meeting, a law student can show up extra polished if they’re carrying their own portfolio containing all the documents they need in order to shine!

  1. Business Card Holder

Lawyers love cocktail parties and banquet dinners, and law students might just be invited to one or two before they graduate. And let’s not forget about networking events! These are all great opportunities to bring business cards so they can put their best foot forward in making connections. Why not give them a classy holder to dispense those cards with pride?

  1. A Commercial Study Aid (or Two)—here are some timeless favorites:
    1. Anything from the Examples & Explanations series
    2. Anything from the Emanuel series
    3. Dressler’s Understanding Criminal Law
    4. Concepts and Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts
    5. Acing Civil Procedure
    6. Chemerinsky’s Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies
    7. Mauet and Wolfson’s Trial Evidence
  1. Massage Gift Certificates

If you want to give a law student a reprieve from their stress and anxiety, think about giving them an hour of bliss where they can get a massage for those knotted neck and back muscles that have been supporting their brains for months on end.

Do you have other suggestions that would make a great gift for the law student(s) in your life?
Leave a comment below with what’s on your holiday list!
AdaptiBar wishes you a very happy holiday and a stress-free new year!

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  • Dominique says:

    YES! And black binder clips, many different colored highlighters, Uber Eats gift cards, and a warm oversized hoodie for long nights in the freezing library.

  • Marissa Bergado says:

    THANK YOU for this wonderful holiday gift ideas for Law Students, AdaptiBar, especially the last idea which was the gift certificate for massages. I will have to do this for myself because I find my body hurting and aching from working part time and trying to focus on this stressful exam. Happy Holidays to the entire AdaptiBar team. Thank You for always being supportive throughout my journey all these years, giving words of encouragement, because the fact is, I am scared about taking the Bar in February and not sure about how much time I really have left to study. I will do my absolute BEST and just wanted to say THANK YOU for being there for me.

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