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How to Celebrate Graduation Virtually

How to Celebrate Graduation Virtually 

For many 2020 graduates, not having an in-person graduation ceremony from law school seems like a cruel joke. You spend three grueling years transforming your brain into one that thinks in analogies and distinctions, and there’s no fanfare? 

How unfair. 

We are under no illusion that you can replace a real-life graduation celebration with a virtual one. But there are ways to celebrate virtually, even if only to tide you over until you can hug your study buddies and clink your glasses in the same room rather than over Zoom. 

Here are a few ways to celebrate graduation virtually: 

1. Plan a (real) virtual party. 

This may seem obvious. Make the choice to actually plan a virtual party, rather than have a casual get together. Trick your brain into feeling more officially celebrated. Make a guest list, send out digital (or paper) invites with the detailsand honor each other with toasts. Share memories of your highs and lows. Commiserate about how much it sucks that you aren’t getting to walk across a stage. Remind one another of all you have overcome to get to this place, including a global pandemic. 

2. Host a virtual dinner party. 

If you want to celebrate with a more intimate group, consider throwing virtual dinner party. You can sit down and share a meal together, reminiscing with the people in your life who understand the journey and face similar unknowns. Perhaps spouses and pets can join too, as they are unsung heroes. They deserve a toast for supporting you through the craziness of the past three years. 

3. Do a gift exchange. 

Think secret Santa, graduation-style. Everyone gets assigned a person to give a gift and you mail them to one another, opening them virtually at the same time. There are plenty of gift ideas floating around the internet for 2020 graduates. Plus, getting mail is near the top of the list for exciting events these days, is it not? 

4. Send one another video messages. 

There are so many ways to use video messages to connectRecord one and send it to the person from your graduating class who is living alone. Send one to the members of your study group and ask them to send videos backNo matter how you choose to do it, a video is a cool way of honoring this moment in your life (the good and the bad). Plus, you’ll have it for posterity!

5. Schedule an in-person get together. 

We all need something to look forward to beyond the next Amazon shipment. The date can be a moving target, but choose a future time to get together in the 3D world. At least you’ll be able to hold onto the fact that this phase of life will not last forever. It will pass. Just like law school, just like the bar exam. One day, this will all be behind you. 

Congrats, graduates! 

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