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How to Make Money with AdaptiBar

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What if you could make $30 just by sitting at your computer and sending an email? Would it seem too good to be true? Surprisingly, with AdaptiBar, it’s not.
It’s obvious that law school is expensive. In fact, the average law school tuition cost was estimated at about $40,000 per year in 2013. But what may not be so obvious is that, with AdaptiBar, you can make money while you’re in law school, and you won’t have to go any farther for it than your campus or computer.
There are two primary ways that AdaptiBar can help you earn some extra cash. Chances are you qualify for at least one of them, so keep reading to find out how you can get involved!
1.      Campus Rep Program
If you currently attend law school, this is the program for you!
Becoming a campus rep means giving yourself the opportunity to help your peers while simultaneously putting some extra cash in your pocket! Campus reps take the initiative to market AdaptiBar’s services at their law school and get rewarded with commission per enrollment, program discounts, and even free enrollment in AdaptiBar (after 5 sales) for their efforts.
First and foremost, as a campus rep, for every law student that you help enroll in AdaptiBar, you will receive $30.* That means if just ten people sign up, you will make $300! And it doesn’t stop there. In fact, you can also receive bonus prizes and rewards by completing a series of additional tasks that promote AdaptiBar to your peers.
AdaptiBar understands that you’re a law student, which means that your free time is scarce. But do not worry- Not only do you get to customize your own marketing plan to fit your schedule and campus needs, but AdaptiBar will provide you with everything you need along the way in order to succeed– flyers, email templates, tips, pre-written social media posts, and more. All you have to do is click, print, or send.
So you already know that AdaptiBar is the most effective and efficient MBE preparation program on the market. Now it’s time to spread the word and earn money, free prep, and prizes doing it!

2.      Refer 30/30 Program

If you are a current or past AdaptiBar program user, you can start making money today!
Log in to your AdaptiBar account, click ‘Refer 30/30 Program’, and send pre-written emails to your law school peers inviting them to sign up for AdaptiBar. Each email will contain a unique referral code that is worth a discount $30 for your friend, and you will make $30 for each friend that enrolls.* It’s really that simple. 
Both the Campus Rep Program and Refer 30/30 Program were designed to provide law students with an easy way to spread the word, help others prep, and utilize AdaptiBar to its fullest potential. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to accomplish all three…and make some money in the process!
Other money-saving offers from AdaptiBar you DON’T want to miss out on:

  • FREE Trial Program

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Experience AdaptiBar’s advanced features, adaptive technology, and performance analysis here with no obligations or credit card required. Plus, you’ll get a $25 discount when you enroll in the full MBE prep program!

  • Baby Bar Discount

Taking the Baby Bar Exam this year? If you enroll in the AdaptiBar Baby Bar program, you’ll be guaranteed a reduced re-enrollment rate of $215 when it comes time to study for the full bar exam after graduation…that’s $180 in savings!

  • Satisfaction Guarantees

If you do not pass the bar exam, you may be eligible for getting 105% of your money back** – proof that AdaptiBar is not only confident in its program successfully preparing you for the MBE, but that you have nothing to lose from enrolling today!

  •  Online Video Lectures Bundle

AdaptiBar’s newest upgrade, Online Video Lectures, are available in all MBE subjects (regularly $95 per subject).  If you purchase the ‘Online Video Lectures Bundle’, you’ll get access to all video lectures at a reduced rate of $450 (saving you $215)! Watch the free intros here.
*To be eligible for commission, you must first complete, sign, and send in a W-9 form.
**Learn more about our Satisfaction Guarantee

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