Introducing AdaptiBar’s Newest Upgrade: Online Video Lectures

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Video Lectures

We are excited to announce the launch of AdaptiBar’s newest enhanced program upgrade: Online Video Lectures! The lectures, presented by Professor and MBE expert Jonathan Grossman, cover everything you need to know when preparing for the MBE while remaining clear and concise. Professor Grossman’s “practical focus” and “no nonsense attitude” is captivating, and his teaching style is extremely effective.  
After passing the February 2002 bar exam, Jonathan started tutoring a few students who had previously not passed. He began to notice a pattern of students selecting the same answers and making similar mistakes and was determined to find a better and easier way to help students prepare for the exam. He studied the MBE questions, analyzed the responses, and developed techniques that any student could use no matter what subject they are studying or how good or bad they feel about the material.  

Whereas most teachers tend to have an aimless ‘kitchen sink approach’ that attempts to cram as many random rules as possible into students’ heads, Professor Grossman identifies clearly for students the core concepts that actually appear on the test,” said one of his students. “Grossman’s targeted techniques keep students from wandering off into law school-like debates, and trains them with the clear purpose of passing the Bar Exam,” says another student.

Currently, the majority of the professor’s time is spent working one-on-one with students as they prepare for the bar exam. According to Grossman, his students have consistently been passing at a rate of 80%. Jonathan looks forward to receiving testimonials after each exam from previous students saying they passed. Read more of Jonathan’s testimonials at https://blog.adaptibar.com/video-lectures.aspx#testimonials.
By providing a variety of video options, AdaptiBar allows you to enroll in the exact areas you need.Video lectures can be purchased by the bundle (includes all six MBE subjects at a discount rate), by subject, and even by subtopic (e.g. Individual Rights). No other bar preparation program offers video lectures on the individual subtopic level!
Once enrolled in a video lecture, you have access to it as long as you are enrolled in an active program session. Plus, since the lectures are entirely online, we also give you the ability to type and save notes while watching the videos. No need to worry about keeping track of your notebook, it is all there in front of you, saved conveniently online.
No matter if you are looking to improve your test skills in all areas of the MBE or just one individual subtopic, AdaptiBar offers a video lecture package that is right for you. To learn more about the video lectures, as well as complete pricing information- visit https://blog.adaptibar.com/video-lectures.aspx.
Video Lectures
Want a sneak peek? Check out the links to the video trailers below.   
Constitutional Law – Individual Rights
Contracts – Third Party Rights
Criminal Law – General Principles
Evidence – Ownership
Real Property – Titles
Torts – Negligence

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