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Is it Too Late to Start Studying with AdaptiBar?

Is it Too Late to Start Studying with AdaptiBar?

Here at AdaptiBar, we receive questions from students year-round. However, one of the most commonly-asked questions as the exam draws near is “Is it too late to start studying with AdaptiBar?” – Is it too late to start using AdaptiBar?

Whether it’s two months, or two weeks before the bar exam, it can be difficult to determine if and when it’s really too late to start using certain bar preparation programs. That’s why we decided to set the record straight and tell you directly if and when it’s too late to start using AdaptiBar.

The truth is, it’s never too late! AdaptiBar wants you to pass the bar exam, and our program can do just that by helping you improve your MBE score at any time!

Here’s the top 3 reasons we believe that it’s never too late to start prepping with AdaptiBar, in no particular order:

  • It’s always beneficial to practice answering licensed MBE questions. AdaptiBar will show you the format and content of what you will actually see on exam day.
  • The closer it gets to exam day, the more important it is to study your weaknesses. AdaptiBar recognizes the areas that you are performing strongest and weakest in, then feeds you more questions in your areas of weakness.
  • It gives you a sense of your internal timing. You won’t have to answer hundreds of questions in the program to check your timing performance and determine if you are projected to complete the bar exam on time or not.

Last Minute Study Tips
It is undeniable the exam is fast-approaching, and each day becomes more important than the previous one. Therefore, if you choose to start using AdaptiBar at a later start time, use these tips to get the most out of your program session:

Begin by spending at least 2 or 3 days answering practice MBE questions in Practice Questions Mode.
Completing this step will allow you to get a feel for the licensed questions as well as to learn what your MBE strengths and weaknesses are. Ideally, you should answer between 30 and 50 questions per day. This number may vary because you should not move on to the next question until you fully understand why you got each answer correct or incorrect.

Once you have answered 50 to 100 questions in the program, look at your Timing Performance and Timing Analysis charts.
They will show you the time at which you answer questions with the greatest accuracy and an estimated exam completion time. Use these numbers to see if you are on track for the bar exam, or may need some extra help with your timing.

Don’t focus too much on the ‘Overall Average’ on your Dashboard.
This percentage is incredibly accurate in predicting your actual MBE score…once 1300 questions have been answered, that is! Since you most likely won’t be answering 1300 questions before the bar exam, focus more on your subject performance and timing statistics under the ‘Performance’ tab.

Once you have identified your primary strengths and weaknesses under ‘Subject Performance’, study your weaknesses in your outlines.
We typically recommend that you primarily focus on your weaknesses while still making time to study your strengths. The purpose of this is to ensure that you are consistently improving, without forgetting any key information on the exam. However, if the bar exam is only a few weeks away and you have limited time to study, it will be more beneficial for you to focus on your weaknesses as much as possible.

Practice like today is exam day.
Take every practice MBE question seriously, and commit to maximizing your study time while minimizing distractions. Simply put, if you are passively answering questions and reading answer explanations, you won’t see the results you want in the time you want to get them in.


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions about how AdaptiBar MBE Simulator and Prep can improve your bar exam results. You can reach our support team at or (877) 466 – 1250. You can also find additional information about the AdaptiBar program through our Knowledge Base here.

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