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Is Your Law School Doing Enough to Help You Pass the Bar Exam?

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Scary title, right? If you’re in law school right now, you probably think the hefty tuition you pay should ensure that your law school is doing enough for you. The reality is, while your law school is definitely doing enough to make sure you’re the best law student you can be, they could be doing more when it comes to preparing students for the bar exam.

For most students, law school is a time to learn a whole new language and way of thinking. At AdaptiBar, we completely understand that law students are inundated with so much information that it can be difficult to even think about bar preparation before the third year. Unfortunately, this is precisely how your law school doesn’t do enough for you!

What More Can My Law School Do?

While the bar may seem far away now, sooner or later every law student will have to face it. With AdaptiBar, you don’t have to tackle it alone. AdaptiBar has partnered with many law schools all across the country to integrate bar preparation at the very beginning of the law school experience. Other schools who see the value in early preparation have worked with AdaptiBar to completely subsidize access for their students, or offer our program to their students for a lower individual price.

Now, if you’re attending a school without early bar exam preparation, don’t fret! Even though your law school might not be doing enough for you right now, YOU can do more for yourself. If your law school is not partnered with AdaptiBar, bringing up a partnership with an administrator or professor is a great first step to help you and your fellow classmate access our services (and probably for less money, too!).

The AdaptiBar Advantage

As a future attorney, learning how to advocate for yourself is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire in school, and you won’t find any guides for it in your textbooks. Bringing up a partnership with AdaptiBar with your school is not only a great way to give yourself a leg up on bar preparation but also gives you a chance to flex those advocacy skills!

Using our real, licensed MBE questions from prior bar exams and our world-class adaptive technology to prepare for the bar exam will give you the increase in MBE knowledge you need to pass the bar exam. Our customer phone support line and email are open if you have any questions about how to approach your school to do more for you, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. You can reach us at (877) 466-1250 and if you would like further information.

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