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Bar Exam preparation is a very hectic time for law school students. Feeling overwhelmed by the schedule, outlines, assignments and the sheer volume of the material being asked to learn and retain, it is easy for students to fall behind or doubt their abilities to pass the Bar. During this time, they need a mentor that not only believes in each and every one of his students but is able to get through to them and give them the confidence they need to believe in themselves.

This is where Bar Prep Coach Jonathan Grossman comes in. With his practical, yet down-to-earth approach to attacking the Bar Exam, successful bar examination takers from all over the country have Jonathan to thank for passing. It was an easy decision to make for AdaptiBar to partner with Jonathan to offer the program’s newest enhanced upgrade, Online Video Lectures.

“They say you are lucky if you know what you are meant to do in your life,” said Jonathan Grossman. “I tell all my students that the only reason I passed that test is to be able to have found what I was supposed to do in life…help others get over this hurdle so they can find their happiness.”

After passing the Florida Bar Exam on his second try, Grossman was offered the chance to work with a few students who had recently not passed. In doing so, he developed simple techniques that any student could use no matter the subject or how good or bad they felt about the material. Jonathan’s passion to find a better way to study for the bar has helped him successfully prepare thousands of students for the exam. 
An adjunct Instructor at a law school in Florida, Professor Grossman teaches a Bar Prep Course to third-year students. However, most of his time is spent working one on one with students preparing for the bar, whether they are a first-time taker or a repeater.

Jonathan’s approach teaches students how to identify the single issue that is presented and how to find the single corresponding answer. That way, if students know what the issue is, they will know why they are selecting the answer they chose, instead of overanalyzing what the answer might be.

“My plan is based on fundamental black letter law, constant review to retain the material, repetition of proper techniques so you “react” to questions aggressively rather than thinking too much,” said Grossman. “That way, you are truly learning from your mistakes, which makes you more relaxed, prepared and confident.”

Through AdaptiBar’s Online Video Lectures, Jonathan reminds his students that there is no magic to passing the bar. He explains how the questions are designed and the proper way to approach each question, taking away the mystery of the exam. That being said, Professor Grossman’s approach guides you through the tedious preparation process in a way you’ve never seen before.

When it comes to the Bar Exam, Grossman believes less is more.  Using a simple approach, he “dumbs down the questions” and coaches students to slow down and read each question carefully. He shows you how to approach each type of question step by step, so you can answer them quickly and effectively.  Teaching students to simplify the bar, this strategy saves them from overanalyzing the questions, therefore explaining one of his mantras: “The less you think, the better you will do”. 

Through his lectures, Grossman reviews the key rules and areas of law you must know, while preventing you from getting overwhelmed by too much information. Referring to another one of his mantras: “You will never know everything, but what you do know, know COLD”, his plan helps you focus on becoming an expert in the core concepts that will appear on the test.

Jonathan helps in both strategy and inspiration when it comes to the bar exam. His extremely informative video lectures are to the point and focus on what to study and what not to study. While the prep process can be a bit dreary at times, Jonathan creates a calm and stress-free learning environment by keeping his lectures funny and entertaining.

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  • Christopher says:

    I used Adaptibar for the CA Feb 2014 Bar exam and I can attest that Adaptibar has the best MBE preparation review on the market. The questions are a mirror image of what you will see on the bar exam. Adaptibar give such similar hypo’s that you will think you know the answer before you look at the answers. Also, Adaptibar tracks your performance which helps you evaluate your performance to find your weak and strong areas. But the greatest part of Adaptibar is their adding Professor Jonathan Grossman video lectures. The lectures helped me understand how to answer the questions on the MBE. Many reviews tell you to look at the answer first bust not Professor Grossman he instructs you to read the hypo first and afterwards you will know the answer. Professor Grossman’s technique takes the guess work out of the exam. Any bar candidate that utilizes his method for the MBE will do only one thing when they take the exam and that is SHUT UP AND PICK THE ANSWER. Adaptibar has passed all other bar reviews by adding the video lectures by Professor Grossman. My advice to future bar candidates is SHUT UP and PICK ADAPTIBAR and Add the LECTURES BY PROFESSOR GROSSMAN.

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