NCBE Online Practice Exam (OPE) 4 Just Added!

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The National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) just released the latest set of licensed questions available for practice. These 100-questions make up the Online Practice Exam (OPE) 4 and have been added to the AdaptiBar program for you to use in both Practice Questions and Practice Exams mode. In total, you’ll now have access to 1,530 questions, all released and licensed by the NCBE.
You will see these new questions in Practice Questions mode as the program assesses your performance and adjusts the questions you see based on your study needs. However, if you would like to pinpoint the NCBE OPE 4, you can do so in Practice Exams mode under the NCBE Practice Exams tab. Simply select OPE 4: 100 Questions from 2013. As always, every question is accompanied by a detailed explanation so that you know exactly why each answer choice is correct or incorrect.
Log in now to check out the new questions!

NCBE Online Practice Exam (OPE) 4 Now Available

Prepare with the NCBE’s newest set of 100-questions released in 2013.


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