New AdaptiBar Features Added!

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New AdaptiBar Features Added!

We recently updated the AdaptiBar with new features to ensure we are continuously improving your bar prep experience. Learn more about the latest features below and good luck with your studies!

Animated Video Explanations in Real Property

 AdaptiBar is excited to announce the release of our brand-new Real Property animated video explanations! As part of the continued enhancements to AdaptiBar’s content, our team has been busy working on 15 animated video explanations that are now available within the MBE Simulator and Prep program.

The videos are designed to explain the toughest topics in short, easy-to-understand snippets using definitions, explanatory visuals, and hypothetical scenarios. You’ll get to know the video characters Jane, Bob, and Chris, as they explain the law, starting with the subject of Real Property. At the end of every video, test your knowledge by answering a True/False question. Want a sneak peek? Check out the video preview here.

How will these videos help you?
  • Subjects are broken down and explained in easy-to-understand pieces
  • Short video clips allow for more efficient processing and memory recall
  • Videos are linked to specific NCBE-licensed questions that test these rules
  • Online videos provide a go-to resource that can be watched from anywhere
Animated Video Explanations in Real Property

New Highlighter Colors Matching Exam-Day Conditions

Our goal at AdaptiBar is to give you the closest experience to test day as possible, so our online simulator now offers five highlighter color options to select from in any practice question. For anyone taking the bar exam online, this feature will reflect your testing conditions while studying.

The new highlighters are not only a way to simulate exam conditions, they are also an effective study strategy. By highlighting key phrases and zeroing in on the most important issues, you’ll be able to better attack every question.

We recommend you only highlight after you’ve read the full question. Stop and think about what you read and determine the fact pattern before highlighting. This will help you pinpoint key concepts and decrease mindless highlighting.

The highlighters can be found to the right of any practice question. Select the text to highlight a keyphrase or word and double-click to remove any unwanted highlighting.

How will the new highlighters help you?
  • Emulates online bar exam conditions for a realistic prep experience
  • Enhances issue spotting so you can study smarter

New Highlighter Colors

Good luck! You got this!

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