New Contracts Video Explanations

The AdaptiBar MBE Simulator program recently received an update! As part of our continued efforts to improve your bar prep experience, we’ve added new animated video explanations covering the MBE subject Contracts.

These explanations are included as a core feature of MBE Simulator, and will appear after the most challenging Contracts questions. These 15 additional videos are designed to explain the toughest topics in short, easy-to-understand snippets using definitions, explanatory visuals, and hypothetical scenarios.

How these videos will benefit you:

  • Topics are clearly explained and broken down for easy understanding
  • Short video clips enable faster processing and better recall of information
  • Videos are linked to specific NCBE-licensed questions that test the rules you learn
  • Online videos offer a convenient go-to resource for different learning styles

Additionally, access these videos at any time by navigating to Videos and selecting Contracts while signed into your MBE Simulator account.

Wishing you the best with your bar prep!

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