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What’s New at AdaptiBar?

By June 11, 2020 December 21st, 2022 2 Comments

We just finished adding some new features to the AdaptiBar MBE Simulator to make it as user-friendly and helpful as possible for our students. Our most recent improvements are all about giving you the ability to customize the program to fit your personal need. This makes sure you are using your study materials to their fullest potential.

Keep reading to learn more about the features that will take your study sessions to the next level!

“Stop Me After _#_ Questions”

You asked and we listened! This is one of our most requested features to date. Before beginning in Practice Questions mode, you will now have the option to preset a number of questions you’d like to answer in that study session. After completing your set amount of questions, you will be stopped and directed to a performance report of just those questions. 

How Will This New Feature Help Me?

  • Great for goal-setting and staying on task
  • Create check-points for your studies
  • Know when to take study breaks
  • Hold yourself accountable by checking your performance report

AdaptiBar MBE Simulator and Prep program stop me after questions


Weekly Performance Emails

Current AdaptiBar users may have noticed that you started receiving a weekly check-in email every Monday morning with a performance report. These are to help you begin your week by knowing how many questions you’ve answered, your accuracy rates and other vital study information. (You can always opt-out of these emails through the Settings tab of the program if you’d like.)

How Will This New Feature Help Me?

  • Reminder to study
  • Recognize your progress over time
  • Create a study plan and objectives for the week
  • Know which areas to focus your studying

Video Lecture Explanations

Have you ever been answering questions and wish Jonathan Grossman was there to explain the specific black letter law that is being applied to that question? Now you can! If you have purchased the corresponding video lectures for the topic, you can click “video” after answering the question and you will be taken to the exact second of the lecture that Jonathan is reviewing that concept.

How Will This New Feature Help Me?

  • Instant feedback
  • On-demand guidance
  • Ability to employ different learning styles to make sure you understand the material

AdaptiBar MBE Simulator and Prep program video linking


Video Lecture Tracking

The video lecture page now tracks your progress in each video. You will have the option to resume or restart the video as well!

How Will This New Feature Help Me?

  • Easily see the time remaining on lectures
  • Track which video lectures you have already watched

AdaptiBar MBE Simulator and Prep program video lecture tracking

Exam Report Sorting & Organization

You will now have more options to organize your exam reports to make reviewing a breeze. You will be able to sort your answered questions by: question #, subject, subtopic, and most notably correct/incorrect. 

How Will This New Feature Help Me?

  • Customize your report to fit your studying needs
  • Ability to filter exam questions answered incorrectly to review
  • Sort and review subjects and subtopics individually

AdaptiBar MBE Simulator and Prep program question statistics


If you’ve ever been in the AdaptiBar program and find yourself thinking “I wish I was able to…” (example: highlight questions, cross out answers, etc), let us know! Our developers are always working on new AdaptiBar features and are open to your feedback and suggestions. Comment your ideas below!

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  • Jennifer Lee says:

    Is there a way I can save highlighted rules somewhere? I am unable to copy and paste the explanations and I would like to keep a note of all the rules that I would like to review later. I wish there was a function where I can highlight and save the highlighted portion to a folder that I create (kind of like Westlaw’s function). Review past flagged questions makes it time-consuming for me because I have to review the entire flagged question, when I can have only highlighted portions at my disposal for succinct review.

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