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New Online Video Lectures: Civil Procedure

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New Online Video Lectures: Civil Procedure

As we all know, Civil Procedure is being added to the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) for the February 2015 exam. This addition is the first time that the content of the MBE has been altered since the test began in the 1970s.
So how does the addition of Civil Procedure change the test? Previously, the MBE contained 200 questions (190 of which are scored) covering six law topics: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Evidence, Real Property and Torts. For the February 2015 exam, the total number of questions will remain the same, they will just be re-distributed over seven topics instead of the original six.
Luckily, AdaptiBar has you covered with its new AdaptiBar Video Lectures on Civil Procedure. The new lectures, which are now available for upgrade, are presented by MBE expert Jonathan Grossman. Professor Grossman, who leads all AdaptiBar online video lectures, will cover everything you need to know for the Civil Procedure portion of the MBE.
If you are looking to improve your test skills or just deep dive into the new topic, the video lectures are sure to help, especially when paired with AdaptiBar’s Practice Questions and Practice Exams. In addition to the lecture videos, AdaptiBar offers Civil Procedure practice questions in its database for even more subject-specific studying. For more information on Civil Procedure, be sure to check out the subject matter outline PDF.
AdaptiBar provides video lectures on every topic of the MBE and is the only Bar prep tool that allows you to enroll on a subtopic level. Additionally, once you enroll in a video lecture, you have access to it for the duration of your program session. Visit the video lectures page to see what package is right for you.
Want a sneak peek of what the video lectures have to offer? Check out the trailers below.
Civil Procedure – Motions
Constitutional Law – Individual Rights
Contracts – Third Party Rights
Criminal Law – General Principles
Evidence – Ownership
Real Property – Titles
Torts – Negligence

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