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New Session, New Features!

By March 1, 2019 June 13th, 2019 No Comments

You asked, and we are delivering! Based on innovative feedback we’ve gathered from our users, we are rolling out several new or updated features, just in time for the start of the July 2019 session!

Exclude Study Aid Questions

During the February 2019 session, we added two new MBE Study Aid Exams to the NCBE Practice Exams tab. These Study Aid Exams are two 100-question exams made up of the most recently released questions by the NCBE in December 2017. Like the OPEs, these exams present the subjects and subtopics in the same proportion as they are tested on the MBE and in a random order. Unlike the OPEs, they contain licensed Civil Procedure questions!

Now you will have the option to exclude these 200 questions from the queue in Questions mode! Checking “Exclude Study Aid Questions” before practicing in Questions mode will allow you to reserve those questions until you are ready to sit down and take the 100-question exams. These two exams are the most useful to use as a “mock MBE” as they most closely mirror the exam.

Shortcut to Exam Reports

We have added a link under Practice Exams that will immediately redirect you to your Exam Reports page! We have added this link as a shortcut to ease your navigation between the Practice Exams page and the Exams Report page, located under the Performance section.

*Please note that this will redirect you to the Performance section, so when you’re ready to continue answering questions you’ll need to go back to the Practice section!

Incomplete Exams

Incomplete exams and assignments (exams with unanswered questions) will no longer be able to be submitted for grading. In the past, we allowed users to submit unfinished exams and assignments. Unanswered questions were marked as incorrect and contributed to the user’s exam score and overall performance statistics.

Now during an exam, the “End Exam” button will not be visible until all questions have been answered. If there are unanswered questions, the corresponding question numbers will remain orange in the Performance settings panel on the right side of the browser. Clicking the question number will navigate you directly to that question, so you can quickly answer skipped questions. If you wish to pause an exam before you are done, you may hit “Pause Exam.” Paused exams will save to the Incomplete Exams tab of the Practice Exams section. Paused exams can be resumed from there. Once all questions have been answered, the “End Exam” butto will appear!

Video Lecture Outlines

AdaptiBar is excited to announce the release of our brand-new video lecture outlines! Each outline has been intentionally designed to follow along with its corresponding video lecture. They include all of the information from the note cards which appear on screen during the videos, and each page has allotted space for additional notes! Adding these video lectures and their corresponding outlines into any bar prep routine helps you to better follow the videos and stay organized. Click here for more info, and a sneak peek at a sample page!

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