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New Year, New Referral Program!

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Just in time to ring in the new year is AdaptiBar’s new referral program! Now you can send a $30 discount to your friends all year round, with the click of a button. Not only will you be boosting your karma, you’ll also be helping your friends get a discount on the best MBE prep around! We’re looking out for you too, because why not share the love? You can earn AdaptiBar’s Smart Online Flashcards ($95 value, lifetime access) for free when three friends enroll with your referral code!

That rocks! How do I get started?

Easy peasy. Any current or previous AdaptiBar user can log in to their AdaptiBar account and click the Referral Program tab located on your account dashboard. The referral page has a built-in email feature, so all you need to do is enter your friends’ email addresses in the box titled “Refer a Friend,” (separating multiple emails with commas) and hit send! You can send as many of these referral emails as you’d like.

Each email you send will generate an individual discount code for that person, which will provide them the $30 discount when entered at checkout!

Sounds easy enough. Anything else I should know?

Just a few more things! After you’ve sent a referral email, a list will form in another box titled “Sent Referrals.” Once a referral has been redeemed, a green checkmark will appear beside that person’s email address! After 3 of your friends enroll using your referral, free Smart Online Flashcards will appear in your account within 5 business days. These flashcards are a $95 value and come with lifetime access so you can use them even when you don’t have an active enrollment in the MBE Simulator and Prep.

For a referral discount to work, it must be paired with the email address to which the referral was sent. For example, if I were to send a referral to your school email address, but then you enroll in AdaptiBar using your personal email address, the discount code would appear as invalid, so be sure to use the right email address! Finally, the discount can also only be applied to new enrollments.

That’s not all…

Even after you’ve earned the flashcards, you can continue to foster goodwill and send referral codes to your friends. Ring in the new year and resolve to pay it forward by helping your friends pass the bar exam in 2019. Send the gift of AdaptiBar today!

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