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July 2015 Bar Examinees Give Advice for Passing the July 2016 Bar Exam

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There’s undeniably no better way to prepare for the future than to learn from the past. When it comes to the bar exam, hearing other past examinees’ experiences proves to be just as valuable a prep tool as any. Instead of guessing what the July 2016 bar exam has in store, why not hear firsthand what last year’s July 2015 bar examinees had to say about it? Then, apply their stories and advice to your current study habits to maximize bar exam success.
Let’s start by hearing what July 2015 examinees had to say…
Bar Exam Study Routine
“Be consistent in your work. Don’t start off slow, planning to ramp up at the end. By the end, you’re exhausted. I just stuck to 8 hour days, every day.”
“Be patient and be consistent. Train your mind intentionally, not habitually.”
“Do a lot of practice exams and MBEs. You will learn the law by doing the practice, not by memorizing.”
“I would advise bar candidates to complete practice questions throughout their study and not just once they’ve made it through their review materials. At least for me, questions are instrumental in allowing me to assimilate material.”
“Make a daily plan with the number of questions that you want to do and the areas that you want to study. Once it’s made, stick to it!”
“Treat it like a job. One that requires you to work weekends. Don’t be scared to take breaks, and be sure to take care of yourself physically/mentally.”
Bar Exam Timing
“Begin lightly and work on your timing first. Get your timing down and start doing 50 or more questions a day if you can. As your timing gets down under slightly less than 2 minutes on average [per MBE question], your accuracy will follow.”
“Don’t make the mistake to address the timing issue only at the end. I would only spend the first week or so just understanding [each] question. Then, you need to be on track with time and have your brain get used to picking the right answer right away. In the end, what gets you during the MBE portion is the time.”
“The best way to prepare is answer the questions under timed conditions. Spend as much time as necessary reviewing the answers to the questions. That is the key. Do not just gloss over the answers, but try to understand them. For example, if you miss a business records evidence question, spend time understanding why you missed it.”
“Have a game plan and set schedule for every day and take each day as it comes. It is easy to freak out once the number of days until the test gets short. Just relax and trust the plan you made is a good one. Lastly, do as many practice questions as possible.”
Bar Exam Video Lectures
“Listen to (video) lectures and read your notes before beginning the questions.”
“Start watching the videos early. They allow you to start practicing questions even if you haven’t started memorizing material.”
Bar Exam Study
“AdaptiBar is really very helpful because it prepares you thoroughly and covers all aspects of the subjects that are tested. Additionally, the timed practice exams help to ensure that the bar exam taker answers the questions within the 1.8 minutes allowed. Moreover, the explanations to the correct are clear, succinct, and understandable.”
“Do plenty of practice questions. Some of the practice questions will help with the essays. However, the questions from AdaptiBar seemed to be what prepared me best for the bar exam.”
“Use AdaptiBar as a supplement to your bar study program, no matter what program it is. The user-friendliness and the questions are very helpful in giving you a sense of what the actual exam questions will be like. That being said, know that the actual bar exam covers quite a few questions that you might have never seen before. Use the resources you have, and practice with AdaptiBar so you can learn to eliminate wrong answer choices even on actual bar exam questions that stump you.”
Bar Exam Info
“While you’re taking the exam, there isn’t time to ponder the law. All you can do is read the question, pick an answer, and move on. The more questions you answer before the exam, there’s a better chance you’ll recognize some of the questions on the actual exam and be better able to pick out the correct answer.”
“Do as many practice MBEs as you can. They felt much harder on test day than they did in practice.”
“I would put more emphasis on AdaptiBar and the explanations provided. It seemed like the bar tested very minute details within the general topics, and the explanations AdaptiBar provided were great to pick out those little details.”
“I would recommend that they get a good MBE outline and just do as many MBE questions as you can from AdaptiBar. Everyone told me that the Bar does not repeat questions and that I would only find “similar” questions to the previous bar exam. Instead, on the July 2015 Bar Exam there were repeat questions almost verbatim that I did on AdaptiBar. I was confident on 65-75% of my answers because so many questions were repeated and AdaptiBar really prepared me for similar type MBE questions.”
“Focus on MBEs and PTs because that is where the most points are and what the examiners value testing. Be confident taking the test, be relaxed, and think smart.


Of the hundreds of responses we collected, the #1 most common piece of advice from July 2015 examinees was to START EARLY. Of course, bar prep can be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging, which doesn’t make it an easy task to jump in to. However, instead of waiting around for that “right moment” to come along to dive into studying, start slow by reviewing your outlines or answering 30 MBE questions per day in AdaptiBar. This way, you will progressively train your mind to focus in on your bar review for extended periods of time throughout the day.
If you haven’t yet enrolled in AdaptiBar to prepare you for all 7 MBE subjects, it’s not too late to start! See our website to register now or to learn more about our program, video lectures, and flashcards.

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