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How One Law Student Used AdaptiBar to Pass the Bar Exam

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One thing we hear quite often at AdaptiBar is, “My friend told me about the program.” We understand the importance of a personal recommendation from someone you know or someone in a similar situation who has found success using a particular program or product. With this in mind, we wanted to highlight one user of AdaptiBar MBE Simulator and break down how he found success with the program and passed the bar exam.

Michael McKee credits AdaptiBar for helping him properly study for and pass the bar exam with 71.1% on the MBE, which was exactly as predicted in AdaptiBar. The #1 key was to focus on the MBE questions. Many teachers, bar prep tutors, and programs suggest starting multistate bar exam (MBE) questions early. They do this not for the purpose of testing your knowledge, but to get you to …

• Begin studying multiple subjects,
• Avoid the pitfall of putting too much time into one subject, and
• Realize you’re not in law school learning theory anymore—you
are studying for the bar.

“AdaptiBar is the only program that actually employs this study method,” says Michael.

Reframe your study approach.

The hardest thing to do, as a student who doesn’t like to fail, is to just jump in and start doing multiple test questions. Don’t think of it as a test, but rather your MBE strategy—studying the way the bar tests as well as the answer explanations.

“AdaptiBar is your guide for how to study and what to study. It makes sense to centralize your study program around multiple-choice question testing, and not just supplement your study program with questions if you have extra time.”

Start early

The best way to determine how AdaptiBar will work for you is by trying it out. Don’t wait until you are frustrated with another program or put it off until the end of your bar prep. Start early, even if it is only 20-30 questions per day. This way you will more easily know how and where to put AdaptiBar in your own personal study schedule. Take advantage of the early start; other programs may force you into a set time period to study, which builds stress. Starting early with time to slowly ramp up your study day will keep the stress low.

Track progress

AdaptiBar allows you to measure your study progress with performance charts. The program methodically shows you where you need to focus your study, gives you clear and concise written explanations to study, and provides a direct link to the video lecture on that topic so you can spend your time wisely on the specific topic or subtopic you want to study.

“This is weak-point training at its finest.” said Michael, “The Performance charts are amazing. I used them to focus on my weak points, including the ‘sweet spot’ in timing to answer questions. This brought up my scores more than studying material I already had sufficient proficiency in.”

Do question sets

A patented, adaptive algorithm is at the core of the AdaptiBar platform. Simply do question sets with a growing number of subjects, first one, then two, then three, and AdaptiBar’s adaptive algorithm will automatically adjust the presentation of questions for you. This ensures that you don’t forget to reinforce subjects you’re strong in and prevents you from putting off subjects that you may need more work in until later in the bar prep period. It’s smart, and significantly helps keep the stress down when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the enormous amount of material that needs to be covered. With this method, you can be reassured that you didn’t neglect any subject.

Use as your core study program

While AdaptiBar can be easily incorporated into any bar study program, here’s what Michael had to say regarding using AdaptiBar for your bar prep and the approach he found success with.

“AdaptiBar should be your core MBE study plan and supplemented with other material. Because AdaptiBar does not waste the examinee’s time—it focuses on the areas you need improvement, streamlines the information so it is easy to look up, and tells you only what you need to know to pass the bar, nothing else. Additionally, I was able to comprehensively write answers for essays. Specifically, the Torts essay on the Feb. 2019 exam, because the answer explanations from the Adaptibar MBE questions clearly explain the answer where other programs do not.”

We know there are many of you preparing for the bar exam who might be struggling and want to know how you can improve your MBE score. AdaptiBar can help you break down your strengths and weaknesses and make sure you are prepared when exam day finally comes.

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