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Seven Lawyer-Approved Items for Back to School

By August 19, 2019 August 23rd, 2019 No Comments

School season has started once again, which means all across the country law students are transitioning from summer clerkships to back-to-school mode. We’ve compiled a list of lawyer-approved must-have items to make your year at law school as easy as possible!

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Whether you are listening to white noise or music, noise-canceling headphones are a game-changer. You’ll be able to study in even the loudest coffeeshop the same as if you were in the back corner of the law library. This item is especially geared towards those with trouble focusing. you’ll be amazed at how well the noise-canceling technology streamlines your focus! For a cheaper version, pick up a pack of earplugs!

2. Multi-colored highlighters

Color code your notes by assigning each color to a specific topic or section of the case. Creating a system while you are studying will help you quickly find the case holding. This will be a lifesaver when you get randomly selected in class to recite the case brief.

3. Post-it flags

Never lose an important section or page you want to remember again. Tabbing your books, cases, and notes will be a whole lot easier than frantically flipping through pages of dense texts, searching for that one line you highlighted or note you wrote in the margins months ago.

4. Water bottle and thermos

Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than getting to class and opening up your thermos to find lukewarm coffee or settling in for a three-hour lecture with no water. Ditch that old thermos you’ve been carrying around since college and invest in a new one, guaranteed to keep your coffee piping hot even through the duration of a long-winded torts lecture.

5. Sturdy backpack or Locker

We all know that casebooks are heavy. Those cute purses or trendy tote bags just aren’t going to cut it for carrying your books around. Law school is enough of a mental drain, don’t also let it get to you physically. Make life easier on yourself and pick up a new sturdy backpack. Additionally, many law schools offer lockers for a small fee. This is a great option to stash books, snacks, a sweatshirt, or anything else you may need for those long nights in the library.

6. Daily planner

With so much material to cover in law school, it is vital to stay organized! Either pick up a physical copy of a planner or download a digital one if that is more your speed. Do whatever it takes for you to stay on top of your deadlines.

7. A printer or a print card

Although most places are going green, law school isn’t one of them. Law school still requires a good deal of printing so it might be practical to invest in a printer of your own. When you are in a crunch to make that deadline for your legal writing brief, you’ll be happy you did. Most libraries also offer the ability to print for a small fee per page. A print card from your library may be a more economical option.

 If you don’t already have all these items on your shopping list, we highly suggest picking them up soon. Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t forget some snacks for the library! What is on your back to school list? Leave a comment below letting us know what we missed!

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