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Should You Get a Tutor? The Dos and Don’ts

By March 18, 2015 November 15th, 2016 No Comments

You spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on bar exam prep programs and materials. Clearly, you would do almost anything necessary to pass the bar, but how far do you need to go? Some of your fellow students and friends might be using a tutor – do you need one too?

If you can afford a tutor, and feel that you need one, go ahead and explore your options – but be sure to follow these dos and don’ts:
Don’t: Go in blind
Prior to hiring a tutor, do some preliminary research. The last thing you want is to put yourself in a situation where you regret hiring someone in the first place.
Also, be cognizant of your particular situation. Have you failed the bar exam once or twice before? A tutor may be what you need to finally pass.
Do: Ask for a recommendation

The first thing you should do during this information-gathering process is ask your professors, friends, and former students for any recommendations. More than likely, the reputable tutors in the area have a connection to someone in your law school. If you are unable to find a suitable recommendation, take it to the Internet.
Don’t: Take someone at their word
Once you’ve preliminarily selected a tutor, double check his or her credentials. Ask them for the names of any former students that may be willing to speak about their experience, or see if they will provide any success rate metrics they may have.
Do: Pinpoint your areas of weakness
To get the most out of your studying, work with your tutor to pinpoint the areas where you are the weakest and concentrate on those areas. Focusing on the areas where you need the most studying is the best way to improve your overall performance.
AdaptiBar’s MBE simulator and prep program can help with this – providing detailed analytics about your performance down to the subtopic.
Don’t: Take your tutor for granted
Just because you hired a professional to guide you through the bar prep process does not mean you’re a shoo-in to pass the exam. There is no perfect formula that fits for everyone. Every student studies differently and needs a customized study plan. Challenge your tutor to provide with as much as or as little structure as you need.
Do: Trust your chosen tutor
Once you’ve decided who will help you pass the bar, put your faith in that person. Tutors are professionals who are likely to forget more about the bar exam than you’ll ever learn. If you’ve done your research, you will know your tutor’s track record – trust in that. Cultivating an open and honest tutor-student relationship is the best way to ensure future success.
Also, make sure to fully apply yourself. Putting in maximum effort is always recommended but it is especially imperative when it comes to getting the most form your tutor. Buy in, work hard and trust that your tutor can get you past the bar exam hurdle.


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