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One student’s secret to passing the bar

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Brooks Ledger's AdaptiBar Testimonial

When the Indiana Bar Exam results came out this past September, one school in particular drew special attention. Indiana Tech Law School had only 12 of their graduating students sit for the July 2016 Indiana Bar Exam. However, the remarkable statistic is that only two of those students passed Indiana’s Bar, one of which was Brooks Ledger. It’s no surprise that of those 12 students, Brooks was also the only one to use AdaptiBar as part of his preparation. In his own words, listed below, Brooks has shared how AdaptiBar helped him pass the bar exam.

Brooks Ledger’s AdaptiBar Testimonial: “Excellent MBE prep at an extremely good value”

My name is Brooks Ledger, recent law school grad and soon to be brand new member of the Indiana Bar. AdaptiBar’s focused MBE review program was an extremely useful tool for me during law school and bar prep. I took advantage of the Early Study Option so I could use the program in conjunction with MBE focused courses during my 3L year. Doing this helped me receive As in those courses and gave me a huge head start on my bar prep.

AdaptiBar was so useful to me because of the 1,700+ authentic MBE practice questions and explanations. My preferred way of studying for the MBE was doing practice questions, reading explanations, and referencing the outlines. By using AdaptiBar in conjunction with another comprehensive bar review course, I felt like I had unlimited resources. I also liked the convenience of being able to focus on just one subject or all of them at once. While focusing on just one subject, you can even narrow down your practice questions to specific subtopics.

In addition, by using licensed questions that have been released from past bar exams, AdaptiBar prepared me for questions that I encountered on the actual exam. The program also developed my issue spotting skills and improved my reading speed dramatically. These skills were extremely helpful on the MBE.

I would highly recommend AdaptiBar to students looking to get a head start on their MBE prep. Having a head start gives you more time during the summer to focus on the MPT and MEE, two very critical phases of the bar exam. In short, AdaptiBar’s value far exceeds its price, and it is a great tool that will help you master the MBE.

Brooks’s story is similar to many others who have chosen AdaptiBar to guide their MBE preparation. The success he and many other users have had can be replicated by anyone willing to go beyond the conventional bar prep study methods. Sign up today to see why AdaptiBar is helping thousands of students like Brooks pass the bar exam every year!

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