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Why You Should Start Studying for the Bar Exam NOW

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The fall season is a time for pumpkin spice lattes, warm colors, and days spent waiting for bar exam results for any soon-to-be lawyers who took the July exam. The delay between the last day of the exam and the day results come out is the cause of an enormous amount of stress for many prospective lawyers, understandably. Once you’ve received your results it’s important to take time to recover and relax!

Preparing for the exam, taking the actual exam, and receiving your results are all extremely important events in your life and if you are full of stress it will hurt you in the long term, whether that be from physical, mental, or emotional reactions. Go to the beach, read a book, or maybe even go on vacation if you need to! After a period of relaxation and when you are ready to come back to the world, it’s time to start thinking about what your plan will be for the next bar exam.

Advice for First-Timers and Re-Takers Alike:

Many people decide to take the exam again in February if they were unsuccessful in July, and there are some who decide to take the exam for the first time in February as well. Regardless of if you are a first-time taker or a repeat taker, making sure you are prepared on exam day will not happen overnight. With the AdaptiBar MBE Simulator and Prep program, enrollment begins as soon as the previous session ends. Meaning you can sign up in August for the February exam if you wish, granting you uninterrupted access to AdaptiBar for six months!

Try to Avoid Procrastination:

Procrastination is extremely enticing, but you must fight the temptation of putting off your bar prep until it’s too late! So often, we hear back from users after taking the bar exam and they wish they would have started earlier so they could have more time to answer more AdaptiBar questions and adequately prepare themselves for the MBE. Starting now gives you the luxury of not having to cram or hurriedly flip through questions without absorbing the knowledge.

Use Your Time Wisely:

Now, we realize that you’re probably not going to have hours on end to spend on AdaptiBar until you are deep into your bar prep weeks, but spending a few minutes here and there answering AdaptiBar’s licensed MBE questions will be beneficial to you in more than one way. First, many users also comment on how much they love that there is no intimidating schedule or deadlines in the program. AdaptiBar’s MBE Simulator and Prep was built to be taken at your own pace to best compliment your schedule and learning style.

Get a Sneak- Peek at the Real Exam:

Answering a few questions, when you can, will allow you to become accustomed to the way the NCBE writes, phrases, and formats questions. Familiarity with the NCBE’s method will be advantageous when you actually take the exam by allowing you to recognize fact patterns and the call of the question much sooner than you would otherwise, making it much more likely you’ll know exactly what a specific question is answering and how to answer it quickly.

Avoid Panicking at All Costs:

Another advantage of signing up early is the improvement in performance you will see throughout your time while using AdaptiBar. When you begin answering our licensed MBE questions, it is perfectly fine for your accuracy rate to be fairly low. Psychologically, seeing that low percentage isn’t as daunting when you still have months to prepare, rather than only a few weeks. You will improve over time by following AdaptiBar’s suggested prep method and using your performance analytics in AdaptiBar to identify areas you need to work on the most.

Upgrade Your Confidence and Receive Peace-of-Mind:

Signing up now for AdaptiBar will allow you to make sure you are spending adequate time on each subject and subtopic so you will be as prepared as possible for exam day. Also, if you’re still in school, this will help you pinpoint which classes you may want to pay closer attention in. Enrolling in AdaptiBar early-on in the access period will give you peace of mind for your bar prep and ensure that you will have plenty of time to gain the confidence and preparation to tackle the exam.

If you have mastered the bar exam and you have tips for future 3L students gearing up to tackle it in February, drop them in the comments section below. We would love to hear how law students, like you, were able to master the MBE and pass the bar successfully!

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