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Studying for the Bar Exam: How Early Should I Start?

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For most law students, the bar exam is a looming date far in the future. However, as your designated exam date gets closer, you may find yourself wondering when you need to officially start studying.

The amount of time you will need to prepare for the exam will, obviously, depend on your schedule – especially if you have a full time job or a family. Prioritize studying but be realistic about just how much time you can truly dedicate each day. Setting unrealistic expectations will leave you frustrated and stressed and will be counterproductive to your studying.
At AdaptiBar, we recommend answering between 25 and 40 practice MBE questions a day. However, you should only answer as many questions as you have time for. Do not rush through the questions. Make sure to review the detailed answer explanations, take notes, and re-read your outlines.
If you’re a first-time taker, make sure to schedule enough time to effectively and thoroughly study all seven subjects. This includes reviewing lecture notes and using your comprehensive review course’s outlines. If you are a repeat taker, identify those areas where you were weaker, or need the most review, and schedule time to drill those areas.
If you follow AdapitBar’s recommendation of between 25 and 40 questions per day, it will take you between 44 and 70 days to answer all 1,730 questions in the database. That equates to somewhere between six to ten weeks. Again, err on the side of realistic goals. Most likely, you will not be able to study every single day, especially between school, familial and work obligations. Also, there should be some days in which you are reviewing your outlines, not answering questions. Add a week or two on to your projected total, just to be safe. Additionally, if you plan to study with video lectures, you should add even more hours on to your prep time. AdaptiBar’s video lectures clock in at between three and four hours per subject for a total of 28 hours – 30 to be safe.

# of Questions Per Day

Days to Complete

Weeks to Complete


Ultimately, it is not the quantity of questions that you answer but rather the quality. Make sure that when you do sit down to study, you are actively studying. Concentrate on the material in front of you and minimize all other distractions.While everyone studies in different ways and at a different pace, no one wants to be rushed. You will be stressed enough as it is, no need to add to it by waiting until the last minute to learn that last subtopic.
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