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Supplementing Your Comprehensive Course with AdaptiBar

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Do you feel like your comprehensive course is not preparing you enough for the Bar Exam? Are you not sure how to best prepare for the MBE? Join the thousands of students who supplement their comprehensive course with AdaptiBar and employ the most efficient and effective study method for the exam. With the program’s advanced technology and database of licensed MBE questions, make the smart choice and let AdaptiBar take care of your MBE preparation.

I am already enrolled in my comprehensive course, how can I supplement it with AdaptiBar?
While most comprehensive courses focus primarily on their review for the state-specific essay portion of the exam, they fall short on preparation for the MBE. And that’s where AdaptiBar comes in. AdaptiBar is intended to be used in conjunction with your comprehensive course.

Two main factors set AdaptiBar apart from the MBE review offered by most major comprehensive courses: 100% licensed MBE questions from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) and patented adaptive technology. As you answer questions in AdaptiBar, the program will continuously monitor your performance and adjust the presentation of questions to focus on your weaknesses, without ever neglecting an area of strength. The detailed subject performance feedback clearly displays your accuracy rates in each subject and subtopic, allowing you to easily identify your weak areas (e.g. Individual Rights).

The key is to use the questions in AdaptiBar to accurately diagnose your performance, then use the outlines provided by your comprehensive course to review your areas of need. Additionally, if your comprehensive course suggests answering 40 Contracts questions tonight, we recommend answering those questions only in AdaptiBar – rather than spending time answering simulated questions included in your comprehensive course. Simulated questions are not the best representation of the questions that will appear on your upcoming MBE, which is simply the reason why AdaptiBar does not include simulated questions. Simulated questions are written within the organization, and since your comprehensive course is not the organization writing the actual exam, why waste your time preparing with them?

How do I know how I’ll score on the upcoming MBE?
AdaptiBar gives you just that! You are provided with a realistic prediction of how you will score on the MBE, as well as the tools and feedback to raise your score to or beyond what you need to pass. Since most comprehensive courses use simulated, “test-like” questions to practice with, the estimated scores you are receiving after MBE Workshops are not entirely accurate. There is no better way to prepare than with questions written by the organization that writes the actual exam, the NCBE.

Are you overwhelmed by the thousands of questions from your comprehensive course?
When preparing for the MBE, AdaptiBar stresses quality over quantity. It is easy for anyone to answer fifty questions a day, but it is another story to answer them and fully understand why each answer is correct or incorrect. What we often see happen is a student feels confident in their studying after practicing a certain number of simulated questions each day that their comprehensive course tells them to. The problem here is that the student is becoming more concerned with how many questions he/she is answering rather than the quality with which he/she is answering them.

Focus on the quality in which you’re answering questions, and we guarantee you’ll like the outcome. Do you fully understanding the material presented? Are you reading the explanations given? AdaptiBar doesn’t just tell you whether you got a question correct or incorrect; it also provides a detailed explanation and performance statistics per question. For example, if you answer a question incorrectly, you will be shown the correct letter choice with a detailed explanation for why each other answer choice was incorrect. This allows you to analyze your answers so you can fully understand why you got the question wrong. In other MBE reviews, explanations are either not provided (simply an answer key) or are not quite as helpful as they should be, causing you to keep making the same mistakes.

Are you concerned with getting the most out of your study time?
As recent law school graduates studying for the Bar Exam, we recognize that utilizing your time wisely is very important. With AdaptiBar, you will no longer be wasting your time studying your strengths or trying to recognize your weaknesses; the program constantly does that for you! AdaptiBar’s advanced adaptive technology quickly and accurately diagnoses your strengths and weaknesses while tracking your progress, so that you know exactly where in your comprehensive course material to study in order to make improvements. You can still follow your comprehensive course schedule, simply adjust your settings in AdaptiBar to match the subjects you are currently covering in your review course. For example, you sit through the Real Property I lecture this morning, you can set AdaptiBar to only show you questions in Real Property so you can apply what you reviewed earlier in class.

What is AdaptiBar’s recommended preparation method?
Generally speaking, AdaptiBar recommends answering 1,300 questions at a minimum throughout your program session and achieving an overall accuracy rate of 70% to be in a good position going into the exam. One of the program’s great tools for reviewing your subject performance throughout the program session is the Past Performance Table. By keeping track of the start and end dates for each stage (or set of 300-questions), the Past Performance Table clearly allows you to detect increases and decreases throughout your preparation.

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