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Taking the October 2013 Baby Bar?

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Taking the October 2013 Baby Bar?

Despite the fact that the California First Year Law Students Examination (FYLSE) is more commonly known as the “Baby Bar”, there appears to be nothing easy about this exam. With an average passage rate of 20%, it is likely the most challenging exam a student will take in their law school career, even counting the California State Bar Exam taken after graduation.
Most likely, if you didn’t go to an unaccredited law school, you have no clue what this “Baby Bar” exam even is. The California First Year Law Students Exam is a test unique to the state of California and is mandatory for all first year law students from non-ABA accredited schools before they can move on to earn their law degree. Administered yearly in June and October, the exam takes place between the student’s first and second year of law school.
Similar to the Bar Exam, the Baby Bar consists of an essay portion and a multiple choice portion. However, for this exam, the multiple choice questions only cover three of the six Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) subjects: Contracts, Criminal Law (excluding Constitutional Protection of Accused Persons), and Torts.
You would think that by testing students on only half of the MBE subjects that are on the full Bar Exam, the Baby Bar would be a piece of cake. Yet, as you can see, this is not the case. As first year law students, most will spend a substantial amount of time preparing for the FLYSE. So you may be asking yourself: “Why wouldn’t you pass this exam if you’ve done your homework and thoroughly studied the material?”
Simply stated, the average passage rate is extremely low because first year students aren’t being prepared properly for the examination. While most law students understand the law and are able to grasp the material they are learning in their classes, very few know how to apply what they do know to answering multistate questions covered on such an exam.
As an already tough exam, the Baby Bar is NOT a test you should walk into unprepared. With only three chances to pass, this exam can very well determine the future of your law school career. Not to mention that the pass rate decreases for students taking the exam for the second time and goes down even further for those who take the exam for the third time. Why retake the Baby Bar when you can properly prepare for it and pass the first time?
Studying for the Baby Bar can be overwhelming. Especially, on top of all of the assigned homework and casebooks you already have on your plate. Also, as a first year law student, this exam is probably the first time taking a multi-subject standardized legal exam. For that reason, thorough and efficient preparation is a MUST for passing the exam. And that is why AdaptiBar, the most powerful diagnostic tool for MBE prep, is here to help.
For nearly 10 years, AdaptiBar has been preparing law students for the Baby Bar. Even though the program focuses exclusively on the three subjects tested on the exam, Baby Bar users will receive access to the same unique features AdaptiBar is known for, specifically the program’s database of 100% licensed questions from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) and patented adaptive technology programmed to drill down your weakest areas.
Do you find yourself struggling in Contracts? What about Torts? AdaptiBar will not only let you know exactly where you need the most improvement, but will also automatically adjust the presentation of questions accordingly to concentrate on those weaker areas.  In the same way that the full MBE program works, the AdaptiBar Baby Bar Program gets a feel for your strengths and weaknesses and creates detailed subject performance and timing analysis reports to track your progress.

“I was able to pass the June 2012 Baby Bar on the first attempt, with an 84 on the multiple choice portion of the exam (MBE),” said Northwestern California University School of Law student, Nathan R. “Throughout my two months of preparation using AdaptiBar, I was scoring around 73.5%, but when I received my results and scored an 84 on the multiple choice portion-I was ecstatic!”

Since the California First Year Law Students Examination is administered yearly in June and October, AdaptiBar offers two program sessions per year:

  • June session access period: November 1st-June 30th
  • October session access period: July 1st-October 31st

One Baby Bar session is priced at $295. Plus, enrolling in the Baby Bar program will benefit you in the long run when it comes time to prepare for the full Bar Exam. Since most students will go on to take the California State Bar Exam following the conclusion of law school, past Baby Bar users can re-enroll in the full MBE program after their third year for the reduced rate of just $195, rather than the regular $395 rate.
Additionally, AdaptiBar offers Smart Online Flashcards that are a great additional option for Baby Bar users. For only $95, you will receive 12 months of access to over 850 online flashcards that will provide a fundamental review in all six MBE subjects to help you study for the Baby Bar, final exams throughout law school, as well as eventually the Bar Exam.
With the majority of students who take the exam failing (approximately 80%), it is evident that the Baby Bar is a difficult and extensive test that no one wants to have to retake. For this reason, AdaptiBar is all the more essential if you want to pass your first time around. Providing personalized guidance tailored to your individual studying needs, AdaptiBar will give you the necessary test taking skills you need to prepare for and pass the Baby Bar.
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Taking the October 2013 Baby Bar?
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  • Chuck Harmon says:

    I just received notice that I passed my Oct 2013 Baby Bar on my first attempt. Adaptibar really helped me get my MBE’s into consistently high 80 to mid 90’s in practice. My raw score was 88% on the FYSLX. Because I really struggle with essays due to my rather poor typing speed, I really wanted to dominate the MBE side of the test.
    It is absolutely true I thought getting a 560 score would have been a great Christmas Present, the 612 score I did get was icing on the cake! Thanks for such a great product.
    Chuck Harmon

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