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The Biggest Challenge to Balancing Bar Prep with a Job and How to Overcome It

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Imagine being the tightrope walker in a circus. So much is happening around you – a tiger is jumping through a hoop, a clown is riding a unicycle, and a man is juggling with fire while sitting on an elephant. All the while, you must maintain your composure and stay balanced until you make it to the other side.
Working and studying for the bar exam is much like having the role of the circus tightrope walker. While you may not literally be surrounded by fire and tigers and clowns (oh my!), there are plenty of distractions that can deter you from reaching your overall goal of passing the bar exam.
The biggest challenge to balancing bar prep with a job is distributing your time. This includes knowing how to prioritize, making the most of your study time, and avoiding bar exam burnout. Follow the 5 tips below to ensure that you manage your time wisely while working and studying for the upcoming bar exam!
Talk to your employer
It is critical that you notify your boss about the commitment you have made to the bar exam as well as the importance that the upcoming months have on your long-term career goals. Simply put, the more time you give your boss to prepare for your busy schedule, the more likely it is that you will have more time to prepare for the bar exam.
Take time off
Not just any week! Make sure to clear your schedule of any and all commitments the full week, or 7 days, before the bar exam. This way, you can dedicate a set amount of uninterrupted time to studying last-minute information leading up to exam day.
Start studying early
Studying for the bar exam is a full-time job, but working and studying for the bar exam is like having two of them! This means that in order to have enough time to review all of the information necessary to pass the bar exam, it is essential that you begin studying sooner than other exam-takers. Note: that means you should start studying as soon as possible! (AdaptiBar’s ‘Early Study Option’ allows February 2016 Bar Examinees to extend the program session access period and get instant access through 2/29/2016!)
Use technology
Take advantage of the WiFi and Internet connections you have on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop to study on-the-go! Simply log in to your AdaptiBar account on AdaptiBar’s mobile site,, and answer MBE questions in Practice Questions mode. Just be sure to find times to study when you are able to focus for a set amount of time, such as commuting to work or on a lunch break.
Stay committed
Surely you already committed to taking the bar exam, but staying committed is another issue entirely. When dedicating the majority of your time to either working or studying, the chances of burnout increases. To stay motivated, consistently remind yourself of your goals after taking the exam. Also be sure to leave room in your schedule for about 7 hours of sleep each night, 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week, and occasional time for activities and events that you enjoy with family and friends.

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