The Impact of COVID-19 on Law Schools and the Bar Exam

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The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us in a confused state, as more news rolls in faster than ever. With schools shut down and workplaces closed, many law students are making the difficult transition to learning and working entirely online. Humans are social animals, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the idea of completing your semester while socially distant from your professors and classmates.  

While being a “virtual law student” may sound intimidating, you’ve definitely got this. As an entirely-online learning platform, we’re pros at helping law students maximize efficiency using technology, so let us help you out. We’ve collected some resources for law students, including information straight from the NCBE about how the pandemic will affect administrations of the MPRE and MBE. 

We’re creating more content to help out while we’re all staying in, because AdaptiBar has you covered. 

Stay tuned!  

NCBE Update 

  • The NCBE is monitoring the pandemic in conjunction with bar admissions offices in all jurisdictions. Currently, the July bar exam has not been postponed. 
  • The NCBE does not anticipate any delay in reporting February MBE and March MPRE scores.
  • For more information and updates from the NCBE follow their Covid-19 update page.

LSAC Update 

  • The March LSAT has been cancelled. 
  • All March LSAT applicants have been automatically enrolled in the April 25th administration of the LSAT. 
  • Any student who does not wish to take the LSAT in April can switch to June or July for free. 
  • For updates from the LSAC on future LSAT exams follow their COVID-19 updates.

Changes in School 

  • Be sure to research how the pandemic will affect your studies. Some schools have decided to deal with cancellations and moving online by converting all classes to pass/fail. 
  • For a list of schools that are updating their grading system, check this helpful article or contact your law school’s administration for their official stance on the remainder of your semester.

ABA changes 

  • The ABA has responded to the pandemic by allowing law schools to respond to closure by using a variety of online instructional methods. 
  • For more information from the ABA and their theories on the potential outcome of the July 2020 exam, you can follow their COVID-19 Bar Exam Updates.

We will continue to provide you with as much information as possible as it becomes available. Keep an eye out for our blog series starting next week, “Your Guide to Being a Virtual Law Student”. This series will cover technology resources for online students, resources for learning black letter law online, and tips for maintaining your mental health during this time.

If there is anything we can do to further to help you maximize your bar prep, please leave us a comment in the comments section below! We hope you all are staying safe and healthy as we all navigate this COVID-19 situation together.

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